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in Australia

We spoke with exclusivity with the biggest authority in accommodation in Australia. Mrs. Kangarooa (photo). She has been always hosting someone in her belly and understand a lot about the subject. She agreed to give us an interview as soon as we could follow her. It is not necessary to say that after the interview was over, we were still jumping from one side to another. The Interview comes bellow...

1) Mrs. Kangarooa, is that true that find accommodation in Australia is easier then find Kangaroos in the bush?

Of course not! We have much more Kangaroos on the Australian wildness then accommodation available, but, I understood your question...Yes, it is very easy to find accommodation for all pockets size in Australia, unless something very important is happening in that town or city. The quality is very hight and they are very clean and tidy.

2) What about prices? Are they out in the noon? Which accommodation is the cheaper and dearer?

The cheapest is inside my belly. It is free, but you must have a roo style to fit in. Well, for a person travelling alone, the cheapest is camping in one of our camping/caravan park places. It cost around A$ 8 per night per person. Next to that I would say the Backpacker's Hostels for about A$ 20 per night per person in a shared room, or A$ 60 for a private room for 2 people. About the same price is a self catering Cabin again in a Camping/Caravan Park. Bed and Breakfast is also good for one or two people with a price slightly higher. Motels are also good, ranging from A$ 60 to A$ 120 depending on location. They are one of the best situations for people travelling in a budget with family, because they have full kitchen which save a lot on food in restaurants and lunch bars. Hotels start about A$ 80 per night for a couple with double bed and goes up the sky if you want something classy or resort style.

3) Do I need to book accommodation before I travel, or it is easy to choose at the places I'll visit?

It is up to you to decide. If you don't know what is going on in that city or don't know much about vacation breaks in Australia, it is better to pre-book and stay safe. Anyway, outside mid-December to the end of January, time in which Australian take vacations in mass, I don't see difficulties to find places of any level. Indy car race in October, the Schoolies festival in November both on the Gold Coast, beside the Formula one in Melbourne (in February not sure) are time that accommodation of all levels became very much disputed. 

4) Where can I find a good source of accommodation information?

In Australia, one of the best are the Tourist Information Centres located in strategic positions in every important or tourist cities. There are plenty of them. They know everything available in that specific region and some may network with centres from other regions. They don't charge anything to book for you and you at least save some phone calls. The Internet in these days is an excellent resource to book any kind of accommodation you need. Just type in your browser " accommodation in Australia" or Accommodation in the city you want" that will rain offers.

5) Which is the most common accepted way to pay for accommodation in Australia?

Credit cards and International bank card (EFTPOS).Travel checks need to be exchanged in the bank but they are accepted by the majority of Australian banks. Cash is also accepted.

6) A friend travelling Australia told me that some places had impositions about a minimum time stay. Is that true?

Yes, but this happens only during the vacations in small but well located places. They basically receive families for a week or two. After the peak period, they almost bend on their knees to have you there.

7) Which are the best accommodation for someone travelling Australia alone? 

If young (or young at heart) Backpacker's Hostels have good price besides some fun. For Older people a bed & breakfast is a very good option. Hotels and Hotels are also good option for anyone with an elastic budget.

8) What about accommodation for couples?

The cheapest is a double room in a Backpacker Hostel, followed by a Cabin in a Caravan Park. For about A$ 80 per day a couple can be very happy in a Motel or non-luxury hotel, and of course, if money is not the problem, there are too many options in luxury places. A rental of a Campervan can also be an very good alternative, especially if you are travelling Australia by road for a certain period.

9) What about accommodation for Families or Groups travelling together. 

The Motel beats any other style of accommodation for groups or families, not only by price, but for the comfort and space. If the group/family is looking to stay in only one town, or plan to stay for a week, the apart-hotel can also be a good solution (Real Estate companies rent these, called vacation Units, furnished and usually for not less than a week) 

10) Are the accommodation prices in Australia equal in any state or city? 

No, they fluctuate depending on location, competition and time of the year. One can expect during peak season to have prices inflated by 30%. Also, Fashion places like Port Douglas, Whitsundays, Alice Springs, Noosa, and some others, may have during peak periods higher fees than other considered not a "hot spot". Example: We went during the holidays period to a place 200 Km north of Sydney and paid for a night in a tent in a caravan park A$ 60 for 3 people. The same thing in Queensland will cost about A$ 22, even during the peak period. It seemed to us that the whole Sydney was taking vacations on that beach.

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