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Hotels in Australia you will find from the simplest one, with breakfast not included in the bill to resorts of luxury never imagined by a mortal. But the biggest difference from hotel in Australia and other parts of the world are the installations. Doesn't matter how old it is, (or looks) everything works fine, from the tap to the hot water, and mattress on the bed. Australian hotels pass periodically trough a severe inspection to make sure they are in good working order. There are thousands and thousands hotels in Australia spread in every city you go. Even the very small city has at least one. Once again, the price rule is... as far from the beach and downtown they are, cheaper they may be. Many Hotels in Australia also have option of accommodation in apartment style units. They have a complete kitchen, laundry, and 1 or two bedrooms, some with a place in the garage for your vehicle. The average price is between A$ 60 and A$ 80 per day for not luxury hotels and can go up as much as one thousand bucks. Tourist information in Australia and travel guides, have a complete list in every city. Find a good and cheap Hotel in Australia, is something very simple due the number of offers in le in the market.

Motels in Australia are more popular between medium class Australians, and have normally 2 bedroom, full kitchen, TV, video, laundry, complete bathroom, pool, play area, and some have a place in the garage for your vehicle. The biggest difference between Hotels and Motels in Australia, is that motel don't have room service, restaurants and other facilities. But there are some with an eating area that you can order a breakfast or a lunch. (usually you have to order the day before). They are largely used for business people in transit in town or by families for short holidays or any festivities (as a wedding for example). The majority have an open space off the street to keep your car. Depending about how long you plan to stay, long term prices can be arranged. Every day someone will clean the room, bathroom, change the bed line, and vacuum the carpet.  Some Motel owner may pick you up at the airport or bus station, and drop you off by the time you leave. Prices start from  A$ 35 per day up to A$ 80, being the average price A$ 45 per day. They are ultra clean, usually having a husband and wife managing the establishment. Also they are very well located, with someplace around for you to buy milk and other things you need. It is easy to find vacant ones but some days of the year they become full due seminars, sport competitions, or simply by the relation between comfort and price you pay.

Another budget option are the cabins located in Caravan Parks. Usually these locations are fantastic with some beachfront, or in National Parks. There are still plenty of Caravan Parks located inside some cities with very good location and space. These Cabins can accommodate between 4 and 8 people depending of the size.  You can chose an Ensuite which aside a double bed and some bunks also have bathroom and shower inside. A small kitchen with cooking utensils and full refrigerator is often available as well as TV and a nice veranda. Prices varies between A$ 50 and A$ 80, but may jump up to A$ 120 per night during peak periods. For stay in one o these outside the urban centres, one must be travelling by car.

Resorts in Australia will strait your hair up. They are absolutely gorgeous specially the ones located on the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef. There are dozens there, one better than the other. They are very popular within wealthy Australian families to spend short vacations. There are some with their own Boeing 737 land field, with regular flights from Sydney and Melbourne during the vacation season. They are not cheap, but neither too expensive. Nothing that a reasonable credit card couldn't solve. Most of these hotels have private beach right on the great barrier reef with diving and snorkelling activities you can't miss.

Note: The picture on the top of the page shows how many Apart hotels there are in Surfers Paradise on The Gold Coast. Many of these buildings are for long or short term rental.

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