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for Students
in Australia

There are basically five accommodation options for students studying in Australia. The most expensive option is for 1 student to rent an apartment by himself and having to pay for all expenses. Most accommodation (rent) payments in Australia are per week, so the prices described here are per week and in Australian dollars. Please note that these are estimated average prices only, and can differ dramatically according to your city (location), state and type of accommodation you choose.

The cheapest option is to share an apartment with other people. If the rent is paid by only one person it could cost around A$350 per week, but if the apartment has 3 bedrooms, and you share it with two other people, the cost of rent per week for each person would be around A$116.66. Of course there are other expenditures such as electricity (which is quite expensive in Australia) with consumption costs on average around A$20 per week per person. Other expenses that need to be taken into consideration include miscellaneous things such as a deposit for the apartment.  Food is not included in this calculation, and on average a person spends around A$70 per week (on a budget).

Another important thing you need to consider is, who you will share your house with. This is very important point because you need to share your accommodation with people you get along with. You might really like these people, but you must consider whether they will be great housemates in a long term situation.  Problems such as fights about dirty dishes in the sink, spoiled food in the fridge, and general messiness can interfere with your rental agreement and could result in a housemate leaving without warning. Noise and loud music, will certainly provoke complaints from neighbours.

It is very common for Australians starting their working life to share accommodation with friends in an apartment/house, and there are many companies that specialise in finding mates to live together. Newspapers (Saturday it is the best) have a section dedicated to people looking for "flatmates" or partners to share the rent, and it is also easy to find advertisements on University and College bulletin boards. One of the major problems you may encounter when looking for sharing accommodation is that you must be already in Australia to get one. You can read more about the subject, in Rental properties in Australia.

The second cheapest option is Homestay, which is practically the same cost as sharing accommodation with friends. Homestay has some advantages and disadvantages as does any other accommodation, but one of the best things is that it can be arranged by the student at the same time as your course is being arrange from your home country. The average cost for homestay is around A$200 per week which includes all meals. Another advantage of homestay is that you are living with a real Australian family, and contributing to everyday life. Your English will improve dramatically living in homestay, and you get to be involved as part of the family. Read more about Homestay in Australia in our exclusive page.

Nota: There is also the option for International Students to stay in a family house in exchange for house work or child minding (Au Pair).

Backpacker hostels are probably the cheapest accommodation in Australia, however they are generally only short term accommodation options; suitable until you find more long term accommodation. Backpackers are more popular for travellers, although they are also a good choice for students who have just arrived. The disadvantage of staying in a backpacker is that you will share a room (usually with 3 other people), share a bathroom, and there is nowhere for privacy or to settle in and make your own space. The price per week in one collective dormitory is around A$140 (without food).

Quite a few universities in Australia offer accommodation for students on campus. The rooms are normally quite small, composed of one 1 room integrated with kitchen, toilet, a bed, a cupboard and a desk and meals included.  They are not very cheap, up to$350 weekly. Some universities have accommodation halls, where you have a small room, but communal bathrooms, and meals that are eaten in a large dining room. Check your university for this option if it could suit you best. They must be booked well in advance as numbers are limited.  If this option is not available at the university you wish to study at, their will be other options available through Student Services.

Agents for Student Accommodation in Australia:

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