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We Australians are extremely proud of the country we live, and at the same time we like to be seen by others regarding the good things we produce or make. If you ask any Australian which is the best country in the world, of course the answer will be Australia, and if you ask me which country has the best fishing in the world, so my answer also will be Australia. We are extremilly competitive people, and if we are not the best in the world in something, at least we will be happy to be named the best in the Southern Hemisphere.

Talking about Marketing and promotions, Australia may not be the most advanced in the North or South Hemisphere, but without any doubt, we've found a way to archieve what we need regarding the exposure of our products to the general public, and we do it better when we make it big. Just as a curiosity, this page illustrates, some of the more of 173 big things spread all over Australia enhancing our products. Have fun. 

Big Banana - A tourist and farm complex near Coffs Harbour, NSW That sells diverse products related to the banana.

Big Cow - A dairy farm that sells dairy products direcly to the public. It is near Port McQuarie in NSW.

Big Crab - A restaurant in Cardwell, QLD specialized in Mud Crabs.

Big Nev - A former Surf Shop on the Gold Coast.

Big Prawn - Fishmonger and take away located in the town of Balina, North of New South Wales.

Big Barramundi - Restaurant & Cafe specialized in the prime Australian fish, the Barramundi.

Big Pineapple - Tourist and farm complex on the Sunshine Coast specialized in pineapple plantation.

Big Wale - Somewhere in Queensland. I forgot.

Big Lobster - Beside the road to Kingston, in South Australia. Promotes the town as the Australian Lobster Capital.

Big Chair - On the top of the hill in the outback town of Broken Hills in NSW. It is near of the lookout.

Big Mango - Beside the road just before the entrance to the town of  Bowen in Queensland. It promotes the town as the Australian Mango Capital.

Big Cassuary - At the entrance of the town of Mission Beach. Promotes eco tourism and the conservation of the Cassuary.

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