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Australians love to shorten words and have very interesting way to express. See below some of these words that are used very often in Australian English.



Arvo Afternoon
Award Wage Minimum pay rate
Ambos Ambulance workers
Barbie Barbecue
Beauty Great, Fantastic
Billabong Water hole in dried up river
Barrel  (surfers) Big tubes
Bikkies Biscuits
Booze Bus Police Van for breath Testing
Bottle shop Liquor Shop
Bush Country side
BYO Bring your own
Cask Wine box
Compo Compensation
Crook Substandard
Cray Crayfish or lobster
Dead horse Tomato sauce
Deli Delicatesse
Dill Idiot
Didgeridoo Aboriginal musical instrument
Drop in (surfers) Take off in another's wave
Esky (AU) Picnic cooler (Chilli bin - NZ)
Esky lid Boogie Board for surfers
Flake Shark meat sold in markets
Grommet Young Surfer
Garbo Garbage collector
Goat Boater People who ride jet skis
Glamour Beach Babies
Grog Beer
Kiwi New Zealander
Lollies Candies or Sweets
Lollipop Lady/gent School's Traffic controller
Loo Outdoor Lavatory
Lingo Language
Manchester Household  linen
Mozzies Mosquitoes
Oz /  Aussie  Australian
Outback Interior of the country
Piss Beer
Pissed Drunk
Pom A person from England
Postie Mailman
Poo man

Surfer who crouches down

Pokies Poker Machines
Road Train Very long Semi-trailer
Reckon Absolutely
Sickie Take a day (sick) off work
Sunnies Sun Glasses
Sunbake Sunbath
Stubby Bottle of beer
Tellie Television
Tea Evening meal
Uni University
Ute Pick up truck
Yabbie Freshwater crayfish
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