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Casinos &
in Australia

Casinos, Lotteries & Brothels are legal activities in Australia and you can find them in any big city. Gambling in Australia is growing as a social problem, because of the high number of people addicted to Poker machines and other forms of gambling. Australians are keen gamblers so don't be surprised if you see thick sections in the newspapers with horse and dog racing results! Don't be freaked out if you see people betting on cockroach races, worm races, and other unimaginable races. Poker machines can be found in almost every pub or club. To gamble, the person must be over 18, and wear shoes that are not open, such as thongs or sandals (insurance matters). Many different kinds of lotteries are also available in newsagents & specialized places.

Casinos - are not only a good place to gamble but also a good place to eat. They are open for 24 hours, and the food and drink prices are very affordable. Some have many different styles of restaurants and eating venues. They also have magnificent shows. Some have a hotel attached such as Jupiter's Casino on the Gold Coast. (pictured above).

Surf Lifesaver clubs - These clubs have the best locations in Australia, and are also a great place to eat. Because they are at the beach, you have a great view of the ocean when you are eating; usually on a balcony on the second floor. The first floor is occupied by rubber boats, outboard motors, kayaks and salvage gear. The majority of these clubs have a "Pokies Machine area" and attract many locals and tourists as well. If you are a tourist you are not requested to become a member, but you don't get a discount on food. It is still very good and cheap.

TAB's - Are the places to beat, usually with a bar attached. They are by law requested to serve food, and in some of them, the food is very good and cheap with a totally Australian Style. In every suburb there are plenty of these establishments. You can bet on horses, dogs, lottery, car races and other competitions. They offer the famous 'happy hour' between 4 and 6 pm, where the beer price is reduced by almost half.

Lotteries - To play lotteries, lotto, power ball and other state lotteries you can go to a newsagent (place that sells newspapers, cigarettes etc). There are many different lotteries to play, each with a different set of numbers and combinations to play. Very often, big draws are announced on TV with jackpots as high as 25 million dollars! Most dollar amounts are smaller though, generally around $3 million.

Race Course - Every major city in Australia has a race course with races happening every weekend. The newspapers publishes the results of most races in Australia every Saturday, and there are specialized magazines on sale in News Agencies with tips for betting.

Brothels - Are legalized in Australia, but are operated under very controlled conditions by the Council and State Governments. Prices are very competitive, and sex workers are carefully selected. In most Australian cities, newspapers will advertise the Brothels.

News Agent - The place to buy Lottery Tickets, Scratches, etc...

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