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 This topic is full of information about Australia, such as Australian demography, the national anthem and many others listed at your left.

Demography of Australia

General and statistics data about Australia : 

Location:  Impossible to miss it. Somewhere in Oceania, between the Pacific and Indian Ocean. 
Area: 7.686.850 of square kilometres (sixth biggest country in the world). 
Countries bordering Australia: None found yet! 
Extension of the Coast:  only 25.760 km
Territorial Sea: 12 nautical miles or something around 20 Km.
Economic Zone: 200 nautical miles or something around 300 Km.
Climate:  perfect in Queensland, crazy in Melbourne, hell in the deserts, cold to moderate in Tasmania, hot and humid in the North, OK in Sydney, and red hot and blue in the West.
Terrain: plain with some mountains by the East and South East.
Lowest Place: Lake Eyre - 15 meters below sea level.
Highest Place: Mount Kosciuszko 2.229 meters.
Natural resources : coal, ion, bauxite, gold. copper, silver, uranium, nickel, tungsten, lead, zinc, diamond, oil, natural gas (not including from the sheep...).
Natural Disasters: cyclones, droughts (the driest country), and forest fires.
Population Total: 23.3 million (dec 2013).
0 a 14 years 19 %  / 5 a 64 years 67 %  /  Above the cape (65 years)  14 %. 
Population growth: 1.8 % per year (2013).
Deaths per Birth: 3.3 in 1000 born.
Life Span: Average: 80 years ( men: 77  - women: 83).
Fertility: 1.9 Australians per woman.
Ethnic Groups: caucasians 92%, asians 7%, aborigines and others 1%.
Religion: Anglicans:  26.1%, catholic roman: 26%,  christian: 24.3%,  others: 22.6%
Alphabetisation: 100% above 15 years of age.
Government System: democratic parliamentary, federation.
Capital: Canberra
Territorial division:  6 States: New South Wales- Queensland - Victoria - South Australia - West Australia - Tasmania. 2 Territories: Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
Other territories: Islands of  Ashmore, Cartier, Christmas, Cocos, Coral Sea, Heard, McDonald  and Norfolk.
Independence day: 1 of January of 1901.
Australia Day: 26 of January (national holiday)
Majority: 18 years, universal and compulsory
Political parties: Australian Democrats, Australian Labour Party, Country Labour Party, Australian Greens, Liberal Party, National Party, One Nation Party.
Inflation: 3 % in one year ( 2014)
Unemployment: 5.6 %
Currency: Australian Dollar (AUD)
Import & Exportat: Total value of exports: $210,7 trillion Primary exports - coal, iron ore, gold, meat, wool, alumina, wheat, machinery and transport. Total value of imports: $200,4 trillion Primary imports machinery, transport equipment, computers, office machines, telecom. equipment and parts, crude oil and petroleum products ( 2012).
External Debt:  $  $ 1 513 542  (2014)
Per Capita:  $ 43.000 Dollars per year per inhabitant 2013
Australian Flag -  shows the Southern Cross constellation plus Commonwealth Star .
Australian Emblem- The natives animals Kangaroo and Emu are standing on a Acacia tree holding the Coat of Arms and supporting a shield decorated with the emblem of the 6 states.

Australian Anthem

Advance Australia Fair

Australians all
Let us rejoice
For we are young and free
We've golden soil
And wealth for toil
Our home is girt by sea.

Our land abounds
In nature's gifts
Of beauty right and rare
In history's page
Let every stage
Advance Australia Fair.

In joyful strains
Then let us sing
Advance Australia Fair

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