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Test your
about Australia

  Choose the right answer for the questions below. 

1) The highest mountain in Australia is..?
A) Mount Cook
B) Mount Kosciuszko
C) Mount Warning


2) The Great Barrie Reef extends for how long? 
A) 2000 Km
B) 3000 Km
C) 5000 Km
3) Which is the name of the biggest sand island in the world?
A) Magnetic Island
B) South Stradbroke Island
C) Fraser Island
4) How many Deserts does Australia has?
A) 2 Deserts
B) 4 Deserts
C) 6 Deserts
5) What is approximately  the population of Australia ?
A)    5 Millions of people
B)  10 Millions of people
C)  23 Millions of people
6) How many States & Territories does Australia have?
A) 4 States & 2 Territories
B) 5 States & 1 territory
C) 6 States & 2 Territories
7) The Capital of Australia is.... ?
A) Canberra
B) Melbourne
C) Sydney
8) The city of Brisbanes is located in what State?
A) Northern Territory
B) New South Wales
C) Queensland
9) The World's deadliest snake lives in Australia and the name is .... ?
A) Brown Snake
B) Taipan
C) Tiger Snake
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