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 The Power (Voltage) in Australia is 220-240 Volts with 50 Hertz. It means; make sure all appliances you intend to bring can correctly operate with this voltage. In most Australian hotels there is 110 V only for shavers. When returning to your country, the opposite happens. The type of power plug is the 3 f;at pin as the pictured below.

The Australian measurement system works with Litres, Metres, Centimetres, Km per hour, Kilos & grams, despite the fact some Australian surfers still measure the waves by feet!

Food, seeds & some articles of animal or vegetable origin may be prohibited in Australia. You must consult an Australian Embassy or representative in your country if you want to bring these kinds of items into Australia. Even food from the plane is not allowed to be brought in. When it's time to go through Customs, choose the red sector if you are bringing any of these things with you, even if you are in doubt. Australia has a unique environment and anything strange to Australian species can cause huge damage and introduce new diseases. Please declare it, or be ready for a big fine.

Public Libraries in Australia are very, very good. You will find heaps of books, cds, magazines, technical stuff and much more. It is free, and all you have to do is take ID and some other document that proves your Australian address. There are many public Libraries in every town.

Booking is essential in many restaurants, shows, accommodation, etc...Many establishments operate only throughout bookings. Some require only a few hours notice, the majority 24 hours - and some others, like famous caravan parks, it may be necessary to book some weeks in advance. It is polite when going to a fine restaurant to wait for the waitress to seat you at your table.

Lost and Found in Australia works pretty well, and if you lose something in the shopping centre, street, shop, (or that place you don't remember because you were drinking!) try to check with the local police station, or with the administration of the place you were last in. Having your name and phone number in your wallet will produce great results if you lose something.

Seconds Outlets are factories/warehouses that sell original goods with small defects for ridiculously reduced prices. For example, the Billabong seconds shop on the Gold Coast is in Ashmore, and every Monday the shop gets new stuff from the factory.

Write down (or get a Xerox copy) of your Passport number, Air tickets, Credit cards and other important documents, and leave it with someone you trust. Because many places such as night clubs require ID or Passport, you may have to have it with you and the chances of losing it increase according to the amount of "fun" you are having. Check drinking reference in Lost and Found! Staple or tape a piece of paper with your name and directions in Australia onto your Passport. If someone finds it, it will be easier to contact you. Because passports are official documents, it's necessary to immediately report their loss to the Police and to your country's embassy. Also have that 24 hour number of your credit card for quick access and cancel the card in case it gets stolen or lost. Keep all these copies in a different location to the originals.

Fines in Australia are taken very seriously, and non-payment of these fines, can result in your premature entry to the police black list. People who go back to their country leaving unpaid fines in Australia, may have a big surprise if they try to return some day.

Medicine you need, may require a consultation with a doctor here in Australia for a prescription to buy it. Remember - because they may have different names, is advisable to bring the box or the Scientific name of the main components with you. If you are bringing any special medicines , it is better to have the original prescription from your country with you. It's also a good idea to have it officially translated into English.

Giving tips $ in Australia, is not a habit nor is it expected. But nothing stops you from giving tips for excellent service if you get it. Pizza delivery guys and girls, will definitely give you a huge smile if you tip them. Restaurant waitresses also love it when you leave loose change on the table. Taxi drivers don't ask for tips and they don't expect it , but if the run was A$ 9.50 for example, and you paid AU$ 10 saying " Keep the change" they will also thank you very much.

Australian Tourist Information is available everywhere. They have thousands of tourist leaflets and city maps available for free. They will also make accommodation and tours reservations for free. 

To Renew visas in Australia, or any other visa matters, contact the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, DIMA , before your visa expires. Phone: 131880. More information can be found on the internet at:
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