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for Australia

Women in Australia have an enormous  variety of beauty  products for skin and hair, and also machines to comb etc. But if she contracts services, for not having time or difficulties to make by her self, she can spare a good money to a hairdresser or beauty therapy. It is possible to get cheaper prices in Beauty and Hair Dresser schools, but you will be a guinea pig for the students to train in compensation for cheaper charges. These schools offer courses for international students, and the search for these professionals are so big in Australia, that professionals receive extra points for immigration as "in demand". Manicures or Nail Technicians as it is called usually acts as independent worker and generally are not an employee. They are self employed or contractors in these establishments. Some business even requires the responsibility to bring customers. As contractors they are obliged to have a ABN number (Australian Business Number) and in general gain more than A$100 per day.

For everything mentioned above, it is better to save money and  prepare to pay top $ if that you cannot stay very far away form a Beauty Salon. Another thing... it is better you do not go to the one salon without consulting the respective prices and quotes in advance before making an appointment. In one Salon, a simple hair cut can cost A$ 30, and at the other to the side of the road A$ 200. The same rule in Australia applies to many parts of the world. There are Boutiques Salons with Famous Brands therefore you better ask the prices of the service before booking.

In Australia generally women are respected and can walk on the street or anywhere without great problems and even travel alone .This has been said before, but we would like to enhance. Of course there are some flirting or may happen to encounter some idiot blokes in cars late night, crying out silly things etc, but thatís all. Remember that in Australia the Privacy law guarantees that nobody be touched without permission, and if somebody try to abuse you in anyway, is enough to ask to stop, or then call the policy. This is taken seriously by the people and the law. Still the biggest danger is unlucky hitchhiking and in night clubs, where some cowards make use of drugs to sedate the victim (such as Good Night Cinderella). If you meet someone, and he offer you a drink, even water, care for your cup all the time, even before is served. Usually  nightclubs are safe but this kind of incident had happen, and has been growing the number of victims. When the person is caught for this crime, the punishment is 15 years reclusion. Anyway be careful, it is our advise.

Some Australian men (usually called blokes) are kind of macho man as many Latinos, and many do not tolerate to be ordered or be directed by women. Officially or professionally, it cannot happen work discrimination, independent of religion, sex or age also in relation to hierarchy or job position. There are innumerable companies total commanded by women, or where they occupy most of the top positions. In the truth, women in Australia had today gained a large portion of the job market that twenty years ago nobody could imagine, and happen in all the sectors, and this still bothers some men. Despite the advance, and the anti-discrimination laws, the female wages are still lower than male. Still are cases of domestic violence, men beating women, despite the law awards indemnities for the victim, and prison for the aggressor.

Women with children take extenuated life in Australia, usually not having conditions to have maids at home to help with the cleaning and cooking, and everything is usually done by the mother. Some men really divide the domestic work with the women, or help in the maintenance of the house, to buy food, to take kids to school, cook dinner etc... But they are minority according to recent statisticians. The time where the men worked, and the women stay home taking care of  the children in Australia really finished, and today the single wage in a family, is not enough to supply the house. The result is that the women in Australia have a double work load that can be twice bigger than her respective husband, and this has been a common reason for divorce, without speaking of in many cases of physical exhaustion, and stress.

Fashion nowadays are world globalized, but comparing with some cultures around the world, Australian woman is more "relax" in the way to dress and clothes style. The idea of matching clothes with shoes, bags or jewellery is not enforced.. everything is mixed and ok. The concept of ďKitschĒ seems that does not exist in Australia. As a multicultural country, the fashion does not follow any pattern and each one dresses in accordance with they are used to. Indian Women, Greeks, Japanese, Chinese, Italians, Latinas, etc.. Each one follows what they used in their home country. On the beach, bikinis are much bigger than in South America, and a lot of ladies use shorts type surf ware, instead of bikini at the beach. Teenagers use skirts very short, and must be the fact of having a narrower hip, smaller bump, and thin legs. The Teenagers have little chance to show fashion, most of them using school uniform during the week. Weekends, late nights or shopping time, are the only time that they can express themselves. Fancy Jewelry and Silver are very popular, but divided the market with real Gold jewelry, and it an personal option because is safe to use gold on the streets. Shoes are expensive and usually imported.

 Costs in AU$ to be beautiful in Australia.

* These prices are an average.

Services of Hall


Hair Cut

$ 20


$ 80


$ 15

Massage  30 min

$ 45

Wax 1/2 leg

$ 20

Wax Full Leg

$ 40


$ 15

Eye Brows

$ 12

Brazilian Wax

$ 35



Pharmacy products


Wax strips  (cold wax) w/ 10 straps


Pot of wax ( hot)

$15 the pot

Hair Dye box

$ 10 the 20

Tampon c/16

$ 5

Pads  regular w/12

$ 6

Nail polish remover

$ 5

Nail Polish

$ 10


$ 8

French Nails Kit

$ 15



Contraceptive pills

A$ 24

Contraceptive pills are sold only with medical prescription. If you can bring  your own it is better otherwise get a prescription from your doctor in your home country. In that way the doctor in Australia will know what kind of the pill you have already used, and give you a similar prescription to buy.

As a tip from a woman in Australia, when you go to the doctor there, request a contraceptionís prescription for the whole period in Australia or at least one year. It will save you in time and money. The consultation costs in average A$ 60.

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