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The Europeans
in Australia

 Chinese and Asians have arrived in Australia many times in early XV century, a long time before any European landed in Terra Australis. They came to dive collecting sea cucumbers, a precious food at the time, the Australian cucumber was much bigger than the Chinese ones. The Spanish people has also been around the south of  New Guinea, but this is not confirmed if they had landed at Cape York or not, but a good sign is that Torres Strait was named honouring the Spanish navigator Luis Vaez de Torres. At this time, the Australian population was composed for about half million of Aborigines, 10 million Kangaroos, 5 million Koalas, 2 million poisonous snakes, the same amount of lizards, and billions of noisy lorikeets.

After the Dutchman Abel Tasman landed two times and called Australia Van Dieman's Land (today Tasmania) and the Englishman Willian Dampier went back to England saying all bad things about Australia (it is all desert, ugly women, etc), England lost interest in Australia, and it stayed for more than 70 years that way. So Aborigines, Kangaroos, and poisonous snakes kept happily doing what they used to do (eating themselves). Until one day when the Frenchman Marion Dufresne started to show interest in the West of Australia. At this time, Captain Cook had already claimed the East side, having also mapped the coast and part of the inland country, besides naming many areas such as Botany Bay in New South Wales. But they stopped for there, and Australia was abandoned until more or less the year of 1786 when someone in England had the idea to send prisoners and order them to work. The colony, (or the beginning of it), had that to be self-sufficient, and do not give any other expenditures to England.

The disaster was done because nobody wanted to work. Aborigines left to the north, and the prisoners just wanted to drink. The Northfolk Island turned to be a maximum-security prison to the laziness, until they changed the "Mariners" for the ones called "New South Wales Corps". One of the functions of these new governing was to control the buzz and the commerce of Rum. So now on if they work they will get the buzz otherwise they will drink only water preferable salty water. One more time the governor was substituted, and William Bligh (well known Captain of the Bounty) replaced the position, but soon after he left with the "Rum Rebellion" in 1808. This revolt was caused by the amount of rum the lower floor people could receive was not enough. The new governor Lachlan Macquarie, took the control with a whip, and progress the settling per 21 years ahead. Prisoners kept coming, but now they were from people with light convictions such as chicken thieves and prostitutes. The fact is these group of people was not very skilled or have any ability (except the prostitutes) and therefore every work delayed excessively to be builded, apart of the brothels. The houses were completely out of alignment, especially after a certain amount of Rum.

But the Frenchmen were still wondering about Australia, and therefore England had to effectively take the continent and start a new villages and cities as fast as possible. The order was to go inland and settled down. Many people died in this attempt not knowing that when leaving the coastal area in Australia, everywhere else is just a desert.  Few people had survived, and John Forrest and Ernest Giles are considered heroes of the settlings, crossing Australia from one side to the other without becoming well done BBQ (more than 4000 km desert crossing). Once knowing how Australia was, many other expeditions and mappings were done, allowing the construction of ports in different parts of the country. These ports became the colony capitals and than later cities. Meanwhile, the price of Wool in the international market increased so much that a lot of English farmers decided to move to Australia to breed sheep. With the starting of new technologies, such as refrigerated cargos, many kilos of delicious lamb were exported  internationally.. The next big thing was the discovery of a large amount of gold in Australia, calling worldwide attention. This fact attracted many adventurers from everywhere, and not only Europeans came, but again a large amount of people from Asian. But at this stage, Australia had already residents, a government and economy that means, it was already settled.

Note: A chronological continuation of this page can be found at this same section with the Immigrants topic and many other important facts are in the history page.

When I arrived in Australia there was a strong competition.

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