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Any type of hobby, you can imagine can be found in Australia, however there are some that are more popular than others and deserve to be highlighted. Of course the cheaper the hobby is, more people and attention it attracts, and with such big cost, most of the popular hobbies are related with the sea.

Recreational Fishing - is without any doubt the most practised leisure activity in Australia. A good set fishing rod, hooks etc wont cost more than A$ 100.If you are a lucky fisherman, you may save big bucks as fish is very expensive in supermarkets and fish markets. Considering that all beaches, coast, canals and lagoons, have free public access, the only costs will be the bait plus petrol to get there, and a fishing license depending of the state you are, but this will not be over A$30 per year (in Queensland it is not necessary a license, only if you fish in some lakes). Do not forget to get through the Internet or at any fish shop, the booklet (free) about permitted fish sizes and quantities otherwise you may get a fine, much bigger than your fish bucket.

Surf is the second preference choice. When we refer to surf, it means all kinds of boards styles and modalities. Some may consider it as a sport, but the truth is that the majority of surfers in Australia are doing that for fun and not for competition. From Agnes Water (close to Bundaberg, and it is the first place receiving surf waves outside the protection of the Great Barrier) going south along the coast and than changing to the West, and again going up until Broome in West Australia, there are plenty of good surf waves during the  whole year. Most of the population in Australia are settled in the coast, so surf is practised everywhere. A new surfboard cost around A$600, but a second hand in excellent shape can be found for around A$ 200. Surf is practised by all ages, man, woman, little kids, kangaroos, koalas, etc.

Boating comes in third place, with a big contingent of happy boat owners, showing all kind of models and sizes. Dinghy’s are very popular, it is an aluminium boat with around 4m, accommodating up to 4 people usually with motor engines of up to 15 HP, and wont cost more than A$ 2000. Adding a trailer (to tow) all rivers, canals, coves, and estuaries, can be reached and are a true playgrounds for boats. These aluminium boats are easily kept in garages and backyards. A lot of people, including me, use a boat like this one for leisure and try a lucky fishing. Sailing boats of all sizes are also very popular.

Games such as Rugby, Cricket (this one is the preferred game played by families with children in parks) and Golf, are very practised as fun activities. We ca also highlight a very typical favourite Australian hobby, talking about games, and it is lawn bowling. In this game each player roll a ball and try to get closer to the ball master and dislocate the competitor. The outdoor field has a lawn so short that it seems artificial. This game is more practised by the older generation, but there are some young players as well. All of them use a white uniform and if you do not have one, won’t be able to play. Almost any city in Australia even the very small ones, have one bowling club. Another more serious game, but this one involving money (many times also addiction) is the poker machines. The amount of people playing in establishments legalized for that are unbelievable.

There are many others hobbies such as having picnic and BBQ’s in the park with the family or friends, travelling, tracking in national parks, rock climbing etc. Gardening is big and so important in Australia that the water restriction in many cities are a real concern and it is regulated by the council when (days and hours) people can water their gardens. Anyway, those described above are the most popular. We have more information about other sports practised in Australia that many times are also considered hobbies.

Watch TV is probably the biggest Hobby in Australia 
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