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Australia Map with division by States and Main Cities



This Satellite view clearly shows how dry Australia is. The little green areas are on the East/ Southeast coast and in the North. Everywhere else is very dry with 6 deserts. There is only about 100 km of vegetation from the ocean to the outback. Australia depends largely on technology to irrigate land and pastures, and it's unlikely that it could support a large population without resolving the water problem. It is one of the driest continents in the world. A Doctor of Physics told us Australia cannot supply water by natural means to more than 30 million inhabitants. Desalinization of sea water is an expensive alternative.

The population of about 20 million, live mainly in coastal areas, where the climate is more pleasant, mostly on the East side of the continent. The top part of Australia is very hot during the summer, with seasonal storms and cyclones. The center is characterized by deserts and dry air with many "long-ago" dried lakes. The land is these areas is extremely salty, and even with irrigation is not proper to grow plantations. The South and Southeast are pleasant and green, receiving the most of Australia rainfall. The brighter (and bigger) line on the Southeast is Sydney, and the big dot near Tasmania on the South is Melbourne.

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