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        Fraser Island

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 Frazer Island is the biggest Sand Island in the world, and known to most Queenslanders simply as Fraser. The Island is more than 120 Km (80 mi) long, by 15 Km (9 mi) wide. Part of the Island is known as The Great Sandy National Park (picture above). Fraser Island has sand dunes that can reach 180 meters high, however most of the island is covered with thick vegetation which is home to many birds and marsupials. The island is World Heritage listed. It is truly spectacular and should not be missed!


There are roads on the Island (and the beach itself) and you are allowed to take the car on one of the barges that cross from Hervey Bay or Inskip Point, near Rainbow Beach. The crossing takes only 10 minutes. You can't take a regular car to the island or you are going to be trapped on sand just after you leave the ferry. 4x4 vehicles are a must, and if you don't have one, there are plenty of them available for day rental from Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach for between A$ 80 and A$ 150. If you are not travelling in a group, the best option is to take one of the many tours to the island that depart Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach everyday. There are many places to stay; from camping and hostels to resorts and weekend holiday homes. There are also restaurants, and places to buy food and groceries. If you plan to go camping, you'll need to pay a license. Also note that cars and buildings are allowed on the whole island. In reality, most of the island is protected and kept secluded from visitors. If you're driving, take lots of care with wildlife, fishermen and children crossing the beach (they can't hear you because of the noise the breaking waves make). Drive strictly on the tracks so as not to damage the native vegetation.


Dingo (photo) is a wild dog that has inhabited the island for many years. Despite their friendly appearance, remember they are wild animals, so please don't feed them. During the last 2 years, 2 fatal attacks have been recorded on the island. Dingoes are usually found in groups, and can become very aggressive for no apparent reason. If you feel that a particular animal is challenging you, the best thing to do is to get out and advise a ranger. Frazer Island has about 200 lakes, each more beautiful than the one before. The water is absolutely clear and clean as it is filtered by the tinny sand. Lake McKenzie (photo) is one of the biggest and most impressive because of the colour of its water. Hundreds of tourists visit this lake every single day, so do not expect to have it only to yourself. There are many other fantastic lakes to be visited and the best way is to get an island map on your arrival and follow the trails. These maps contain all the necessary information about the island, including shark warnings, island history, where to find fuel, where to buy food and much more. 

Lake McKenzie

Track in the Island.

One of the reasons many tourists flock to the island is the dense forest and walking trails. Sometimes you will meet native animals especially birds! In some areas of the forest the sun light fights very hard to penetrate through the trees. 

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