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    Gold Coast Click for Coolangatta, Queensland Forecast

 The Gold Coast is located on the East Coast of Australia in the State of Queensland. It is 100 Km south of Brisbane and 850 Km north of Sydney. The region is surrounded by high mountains with more than 100 thousand hectares of national parks. These parks have fabulous waterfalls and wild life, and are served by 260 Km of walking trails. The actual population of the Gold Coast is just under half a million people, having one of the largest growth rates in Australia. Millions of tourists every year come to the Gold Coast to enjoy its pristine beaches and sunny, perfect weather day after day.

canal GoldCcoast

 446 Km of canals weave through the Gold Coast giving it a special charm. These canals were man-made during the 1960's and are 9 times the length of the Venice canals. The canals host a large number of marine species and birds as well. You will find many species of fish, sting rays, crabs, dolphins, pelicans, seagulls, ducks and fish with BIG teeth as well. In the mountains you will find Wallabies, Koalas, snakes, marsupials, iguanas and many other animals.  The influences of the beach and the canals have made the Gold Coast a fabulous place to visit and live. The 44 Km of beaches, and the constant warm waters from the Pacific Ocean are always an invitation to take a dip. Shark nets are placed outside the surf to protect swimmers and surfers from hungry sharks. Talking about Surfers, the Gold Coast is truly a surfers paradise, with beaches such as Kirra, Snapper Rocks and Currumbin Alley known as the best waves in Australia to practice the sport. The ocean temperature varies from 18 º during winter time to 26º by summer. The air temperature varies from 10°- 23°c in winter and 21-30°c in summer. Spring and Autumn have delicious temperatures with a 25°c average. For only a very few times during the year, you will need to wear warmer clothing than a t-shirt. The local paper and television every day gives a complete and accurate weather report.

beach GC surf gold Coast

Surfers Paradise beach

 Surf in Snapper Rocks


night Gold Coast

Surfers Paradise is the most central and famous neighbourhood. During the 1950's & 60's it was just a place for holidays and for people from Brisbane to spend their weekends at the beach. They used to travel up to 4 hours due to bad road conditions. Later, with upgrading of the roads and travel time cut in half, many investors acquired properties on the Gold Coast, and the place started to flourish. The place became famous and attracted many overseas investors. To support the influx of tourists, hotels, restaurants, and all kinds of entertainment were built, attracting even more national and international tourists. The place exploded on its fame and many young people moved over to get one of the plenty jobs available in the hospitality industry. Creating a snow ball effect, Surfers Paradise became one of the most important Australian tourist destinations and today has all kinds of adventures, luxury, entertainment, sports, Theme Parks, thousands of restaurants, night clubs, and any other facility a person can ask for, including pure relaxation. Surfers became sophisticated but without losing its lazy atmosphere. Despite the name, Surfers Paradise is not a paradise for surfers to get the best waves. The Gold Coast hosts some of the best surfing waves in the world, all located within a half hour drive from Surfers Paradise itself. Today, with even better roads, it only takes a little bit more than an hour to travel from Brisbane to the Gold Coast.


cassino Gold Coast

Broadbeach is the next suburb after Surfers driving south. It also has an excellent tourist infra-structure, with hundreds of restaurants night clubs, a Casino, great shops & shopping centers. While Surfers is very international receiving more Asian tourists, Broadbeach receives a slightly different tourist crowd such as New Zealanders and Australians from other regions. The beach is excellent and less crowded than Surfers Paradise, with a nice public park that offers many facilities as showers, exercise lanes, toilets, and plenty of parking and barbecue areas. Also, accommodation is less busy, and as a result, cheaper than Surfers. South of Broadbeach and about 20 Km from Surfers Paradise is the border of Queensland and New South Wales States. Still in Queensland, and on the Gold Coast, the suburb of Coolangatta, has a concentration of some of the best Surfing waves in the world. Beaches such as Kirra, Snapper Rocks and Duranbah are considered the best rides in Australia and in the world. (photo). Coolangatta is also where Gold Coast International Airport is located. Flights to and from any Australian city are available many times a day. Some International Air companies from New Zealand and Japan also operate directly from Coolangatta Airport. Although the southern end of the Gold Coast receives some tourist influx, they are in very reduced numbers compared with Surfers or Broadbeach. In Coolangatta you will meet the real Australian beach culture and with luck, some Australian Surf champions that helped to place Australia as top Surfers in the world.


Surfers Paradise GC

To the north of Surfers Paradise the suburbs of Southport, Labrador, Runaway Bay and Paradise Point, are right in front of an Island called South Stradbroke. This island, 20 Km long, works as a natural barrier to the sea, resulting in a protected bay called the Broadwater. Southport is the commercial center of the Gold Coast where Courts, Public Services and Hospital are available. The Broad water is the centre for most of the aquatic sports on the Gold Coast such as water skiing, jet ski rides, parachute rides, sailing, cruises and much more. The Marina Mirage is a good place to visit and it is from there that most of the tours depart. The view from the shore to the broadwater is very relaxing and beautiful. Lately this region has had a huge growth of new buildings and renovations, and is attracting many Gold Coasters to live there.

Tour canal anfibioGC

Tourism is the main spring of the Gold Coast economy. It employs many Australians and other nationalities, in the hospitality industry. Also other trades are also flourishing on the Gold Coast such as the yachting and leisure boat industry, which is providing many jobs for the area. Universities, Courses and schools receiving international students, are also captivating students worldwide for the renowned educational quality they offer. The number of things to do on the Gold Coast is limited only by the size of your pocket and money you can spend. If you start today, every day, doing a different tour offered on the Gold Coast, you would still need more than a year to experience everything we have to offer. That is the why the Gold Coast was elected the number one tourist destination in Australia.

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Aerial View of Broadwater & Surfers Paradise
Aerial View of Broadwater & Surfers Paradise
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