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 In 1642, Abel Janszoon Tasman was sailing his Dutch ship in the South Pacific, when he came across a pretty island. Instead of baptizing it Tasmania or Abelmania, he decided to name it Van Diemen's Land in honor to the Governor of the Batavia. Anyway, the island was never colonized by its proprietors due to being very far from  Holland. Later with the English colonization and with the settling of Australia, Van Diemen's Land became a maximum security prison for English criminals. The most dangerous assassins and outlaws were sent there. In 1803 Hobart was established (the second oldest city of Australia), and one year later Launceston city was created. In 1856, the name was changed to Tasmania, in honor of Abel who discovered it. In 1901, during the Federation of Australia it became the State of Tasmania, or Tassie, as it is affectionately called by the Australians. Tasmania is one of the most beautiful places in Australia, offering tourists and international students, an enormous variety of interesting things to do and see.

Tasmania characteristics are unique and different from the other Australian States. It offers fantastic sceneries and great historic places to visit. There are high mountains covered with snow in the winter, crystalline lakes , spectacular scarps, hills along the coast, and many beautiful beaches with great surf and gorgeous coves.  The City of Hobart (photo), which is the capital of Tasmania, is located at the bottom of Mount Wellington, Mount Nelson, and by the estuary of the Derwent River. The city presents a modern and vibrant life style with lots of fun and entertainment for all ages. Restaurants, nightclubs, shopping centers and a world of other facilities make this city, which has less than 200  thousand inhabitants, one of the most safe and extraordinary places to visit or live. Only 20 minutes by car from Hobart , there is a piece of history that you cannot miss. It is the village of Richmond, where old ruins of penitentiary time are well preserved. Another breathtaking place in Hobart, is to go up to the Lookout on Mt.Wellington or Mt. Nelson. From there, it is possible to see the entire bay with the view of the city really unforgettable.  


 Other cities in Tasmania are also very interesting, each one with a different attraction that enchants the tourists. Launceston (population of 100  thousand), Devonport (25 thousand) and Burnie (19 thousand)  offers great landscapes and beautiful constructions as Launceston with its bright red roofs. Actually each small city or village in Tasmania has something special to offer making them captivating and safe. Beyond the hospitality, the population has pride to show the visitors  where they live, and always treats them with affection and friendship. In Port Arthur, 1 hour by car from Hobart, there are ruins of the most brutal criminal colony in Tasmania. The city was created exclusively for this purpose, and only prisoners who had recommitted previous crimes were sent there. Surrounding these cities, farms which have both  products and animals, offering the best of  Tasmanian. The Wines of Tasmania, as well as the meat of Sheep and Pig, are considered one of the best quality in Australia. The Tasmania Apples have a world-wide reputation, such as "Granny Smith" (green apple) first produced in Tasmania, and than  exported to the world. Trout and Salmon were introduced in 1864 with excellent results, adding to the list of the most famous produces of Tasmania. These tasteful fishes together with wines, meat, and apples, made Tasmanian products appreciated and respected in any part of Australia and the world.


For the Adventurous, Tasmania offers more excitement than you can imagine. There are 18 National Parks, with exuberant Flora and Fauna, impressive landscapes and lots of tours full of adrenaline. Tasmania has great Bush Walking tracks as well as all types of Radical Sports.  Despite the cold water (but nothing too cold that a good wet suits can't resolve), there are an enormous number of  spectacular Surfing beaches with fantastic point breaks for any level of Surfers. Most of these beaches are unspoiled, uncrowded, and many of them rarely been explored. There are good waves all year round, from small to perfect monsters ride. Places such as Bruny Island's, Cloudy Bay, and South Cape Bay, receive enormous swells from the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. Close to Hobart, Clifton Beach and Park Beach are the favourites. The truth is that all over the coast of Tasmania, there are always empty peaks waiting for you. You only need to drive your car along the coast to find them. Most parts of the Tasmanian territory is considered as National Park, and some are considered Patrimony of the Humanity. 4x4 vehicles are an excellent choice to explore the Island and you will not be tired of seeing so many natural beauties in a pristine stage. In Tasmania, you will be able to practice all types of radical sports, from Kayaking, Hang Gliding, River Rafting, Gliders, Jumps Falls, Jet Boating, Climbing, besides cruise activities such as Sailing, Golf, Fishing and many others. Your good time in Tasmania will be only limited by your will, or your wallet. Tasmania has a little bit of everything, It is truly a playground for adults of all ages.  

Without a doubt, to visit Australia without visiting Tasmania, is like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope. Except in the winter months, when can be too cold for outdoor activities (although not as frozen as in Northern Europe or Canada), in the remaining portion of the year any time is a good time to explore Tasmania. Beyond spectacular traveling, Tasmania also is an excellent place to study, having the most appraised schools of Australia. Room is very easy to find from Backpacker Hostels to luxurious Hotels. Daily flights from Melbourne and Sydney are available, but also you can  cross the Bass Strait by the ferryboat Spirit of Tasmania.  

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Curiosities about Tasmania:

  • Distance for the Continent: 240 km · Area: 68000 Km² ·

  • Ferry Boat Spirit of Tasmania I and II leaves Melbourne the 9PM arrives at the 7AM ·

  • Spirit of Tasmania III leaves Sydney 3 times per week

  • Total Population: Approx. 500.000 inhabitants ·

  • Average of maximum temperatures: Summer 22º - Winter 14º Celsius. ·

  • Ticket Pass of AU$ 33 gives to right to enter in all National Parks ·

  • Tasmania has more Golf fields per head that any State of Australia

  • Visitor Information Centers gives tips of strolls and reserves lodging ·

  • The last pure Tasmania Aborigine died in 1876.

  • More than 10,000 prisoners had been sent to Tasmania. ·

  • Last importation of prisoners was made in 1852.

  • The Tasman Devil is a carnivorous marsupial animal with nocturnal habits.

Ruins of the prision in Port Arthur
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