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  Whitsunday Coast

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 The Whitsunday Coast is located between the city of Mackay and the quiet town of Bowen. All of the region is surrounded by dense forest (National Parks) that is home to a large number of native species including the "Cassuary" (a big bird similar to a Turkey, that can grow two meters tall and was close to extinction). Just to have an idea about The Whitsunday region, you will need more than one year to know all of the islands in this bay, and that is if you only have a quick look at one island per day!

Hardy Reef (pictured) is part of the Great Barrier Reef, and it is located right in front of the Whitsunday's, protecting the bay from big swells and stormy seas. These conditions make this area one of the World's best for sailboats, and people travelling around the globe have the Whitsunday as "a must stop and see" place. It is very easy to visit the Great Barrier Reef from Airlie Beach, a hot spot, and most important place to stay in the Whitsunday's. The corals in this region are in pristine conditions, being absolutely fantastic for snorkel or divers. There are literally hundreds of good reefs to snorkel in the bay, starting from the beach or places reached only by boat.


Airlie Beach is very famous in Australia, and attracts a large number of both international tourists and Australians alike. It is more common to find boat related people on the streets than taxi drivers. The place attracts many professionals from the nautical industry because of work opportunities in the area, not only on foreign boats but also Australian crafts. Don't be surprised if you see someone on the streets trying to find directions on his GPS. This environment connected to nautical sports has made the Whitsunday's a top spot for all kinds of people. If you want to learn how to dive, you will find many diving schools there. If you want to learn how to sail a boat, there are also many sailing schools; or if you want a different kind of fun, there are Jet Ski rental, fishing boat rentals, etc- Anything you connected to nautical sports can be found there.


The clear and warm water is not the main attraction of the place however. There are National Parks with many different trails, going throughout dense forests and many Inlets to explore. The result is a fantastic connection between land and sea that makes the Whitsunday's paradise on Earth. There are many absolutely deserted beaches, islands with very white sand, Corals and fish to see with a snorkel and a mask. Some islands are private, some others are resorts like Club Med and Hamilton Island. There are more 5 star resorts over there, than stars in the sky. These resorts provide a large amount of employment for people from all over Australia. Many top executives from Sydney and Melbourne, keep their boat over there to take vacations or take their clients on a boat trip. The place breathes tourism, money and fun times. 


The Whitsunday region is sophisticated, but at the same time has affordable things to do for normal people. You will find many very good Backpacker Hostels, Camping Grounds, Caravan Park, Motels, and hotels. Food is the greatest, with fresh fish dishes, lobster, prawns, squid and many other varieties of tasty seafood. If you are not a seafood lover, there are plenty of other restaurants and Cafes that serve everything from good pizzas to huge steaks. During the holiday season, finding accommodation can be a problem sometimes if you don't already have a reservation. 


Bowen is a small and very pretty town, north of Arlie Beach and about 10 Km from the Bruce Highway. The place has some fantastic beaches and is well known for its fishing. The dense vegetation changes in this area to a more rocky and low bush vegetation. There are coconut trees beside the beach, forming a panoramic paradise. There are all kind of accommodation, but one of the funniest is the camping ground with a wood oven, right in front of the beach (As pictured in this photo). Bowen is also a great place to rest if you are driving on your way to Cairns. 

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