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 Study Agents or Agencies of Study or Education Agents are companies who have a vast knowledge of the bureaucratic process necessary to study in Australia. An agent officially represents one or more schools, through a contract signed between the parties. There are different types of agencies and they vary in the ways they work. Some of them may charge for their services, others may not. There are ones that can combine Study and Travel with International tickets and other agents that cover only the study itself. Some agents dedicate more to where they are located, specialized in one specific Australian city, and other may specialize in various cities. Whichever the type of Agency or Agent, there is only one thing that really matters: the type of help, and level of service that the Agent will give you.

Agents of Study work in commission base (just like a travel agent), they are only remunerated after the course is sold, and the student have initiated the lessons. Before this, all the agents expenditures will come from their pocket. The sales is complemented by support, information, promotion, and counselling the agent provides to the student about the course, visa and the institution itself. Furthermore, the Agent has contractual obligation to clarify to the interested parties on the terms of payment, policy of reimbursement, and many other factors that are part of the act of contract of a course, such as: Information on the requirements of the Course and the School, facilities of the school, location, schedules of lessons, transfers, accommodation and about the conditions besides limitations of the student Visa.

People interested in studying in Australia, not necessarily will need an agent. All the contact with the institutions can be done directly between student-school, and many Australian schools can directly supply all information to the student from the selecting of the course until the enrolment. But if the student have difficulties establishing the contact or getting the information needed, the services of an agent will be very useful. 

The Agent will support and inform about everything mentioned above and much more, mainly in respect to choosing a course. The agents can guide the students on how to get courses that suit their objectives, or even to redirect to another course, that fits better with the person's purposes, thus preventing the person from spending money inappropriately. An agent will be able to give orientation about English courses in Australia, Vocational courses in Australia, University Degrees in Australia and Post Graduation courses in Australia.

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The Agent told me the school is beachfront. Where is it?
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