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Costs to
Study in

The Australian Immigration Department (DIAC) stipulates as basic cost that a person will need every month to study in Australia. The amount is a minimum of A$ 1550 per year A$18 610 (2104) which does not take in consideration the expenses with the course itself, but just to cover the costs of the lodging, food, transport to and from the courses, and a little of fun. They assume the course is paid in advance and apart. Also, this amount is not enough to include cost such as maintain a car, tours, and other relative expenses. It is just for the basics.

Of course some students can do for less, choosing cheaper courses, accommodations, going to the school by foot, and eating noodles with eggs everyday. But the reality is that if you want to have a little bit of more enjoyment we suggest the amount over A$ 1500 per month to be comfortable, especially if you are going to study in Sydney or Melbourne which are more expensive than other Australian cities.

To help you with the calculations, we went through the risky task of putting an average expense for each expenditure. Risky because it is very difficult to calculate an individual's way of life and while Sydney is the most expensive city, Adelaide is considered the cheapest one to live. Don't forget that all students coursing more than 3 months, have the allowance of 20 hours of legal work per week.

The costs below are an estimate average per month.

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How much month

To spend in...

A$ 1000/1500

An average price for courses, but there often are promotional prices. 

A$ 800/1000

Homestay could be with or without food included

A$ 400

To live in a room of an apartment or house in not noble area of the city, with rent divided by 3 people, without food (electricity adds A$ 40/50 more).

A$ 80

Cost of books, uniforms, and material of study. Please notice that certain courses do not anything, and others due the nature of the course, can cost well more than this, example: uniforms for a course of chef.

A$ 280/A$ 350

Food for normal people with 3 meals a day.

A$ 140

Transport (bus) to go and comes back to the course. Notice that if you to pay a more expensive rent to be in a walking distance from the course it can be a great advantage. A bicycle (A$ 200) also cuts costs for those with long term stay.
A$ 300 Cost to keep a car including insurance and gasoline.
A$ 100 Weekend day trip in cheap lodging, without including tour or payment of ingressions. If you include paid tours or upgrade the accommodation multiply for 2.
A$ 100/A$300 Drinks, spirits, parties, BBQ, etc.... If a smoker,much more.

Check out other costs in our general cost page

How much?!
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