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The Australian Government, through the Immigration Department publishes a list of professions CSOL that are considered in Australia. Each of these professions have a process to be registered and an organ that regulates. The professions considered for possible immigration have to be listed in the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List CSOL and each State of Australia has its own Skilled Ocuppation List that indicates the professions that are in demand for them and could be offered sponsorship by the State. 

  This means that if you study and have a graduated course in Australia that would lead to a recognized professional degree, it should be on that list, to have the chances to reach necessary points in case of a future process of residency. Note that the simple fact that you finish a course that has a qualification in this list does not guarantee a complete skill immigration and you will have to get the rest of the points in the process, such as age, English level etc). An immigration agent or official immigration website can guide you through the process.

The appointment of a State (Nomination by a state or territory government) can facilitate your process through an expression of interest made by "Select Skill" as each State has a list of occupations and the skills they are looking for (so you can choose to study a professional area that is on that list). In case you have a qualification and make an expression of interest, you can indicate whether your interest would be in only one State or in all of them. Should consider that it may be required to live in a State for a certain time. Each State has its own process of expression of interest. Find out more information about each sponsor States.,Find out more information about Nominated and sponsor by State.

  Anyway, a graduation in Australia, could make a difference, than a degree which was made abroad and not in English. Therefore, if your intentions are after finishing a course to remain in Australia, and to apply for permanent residence, a good idea is to choose a course in Australia and listed in the profession skilled. But if you are already attending any of these professions in your country of origin, and want to finish it in Australia, you can still consider as it may give you the points you need. For example a PhD of an Australian education institution can offer 20 points, an University graduation in Australia can offer up to 15 points, a Diploma completed in Australia up to 10 points. See the full list of points 

Well, this information is only a guide so you know that some courses can get you more in the process of points and you can direct the purposes (and also money) of your studies. It is best you see more information about immigration, with an Immigration Agent and or with the official website of immigration of Australia that would be the first step of investigation.

Roger was happy when he knew his skill in the building sector was listed for State Sponsor in Australia but what he didn't know was about the size of the rocks he must carry every day.

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