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in Australia

Some of the most common problems that international students have studying in Australia are following Australian laws and rules. Unfortunately there are some students who do not respect others and donít understand the basic rules whilst they are living in Australia. The laws in both Australia and New Zealand are very strict especially for things such as: drink driving, illegal drug taking, working illegally, (students) letting their visa expire, and maintaining an 80% attendance in a course. Please be aware of these rules before you enter the country Ė if you break the law you could be deported (sent home immediately).

If a student is to be deported for breaking Australian laws or rules, the student will be removed immediately from Australia, losing all fees they have already paid for their course (s), homestay, Overseas Student Health Cover etc. If a student is being deported, the school is not obliged to return the money if the course is not completed. Therefore, it is highly advisable to read and be aware of the terms and conditions of the contract, either with an agent, or directly with the school, and be aware of student obligations and responsibilities.

Another problem that frequently occurs is when students find out they do not like their chosen course and would like to change. Some students, who made their choices based only on price, later decide that they want to change courses or institution. The  Immigration dpt states that students may change their course providers but it will need a good reason for a student to change providers, the city or the course. For such permission the student needs to present their reason for changing in writing to the Immigration Department. A "Release Letter" will need to be issued from the studentís school stating why the student is breaking their contract before completing their course. The school is not obliged to provide a reason for terminating the contract, or refund any amount of money from the remainder of the course. In other words, the student will need to negotiate with the school. It is possible the school will refund your money, if the course you originally enrolled to study in, is cancelled. Therefore, it is very important to research the school and city you want to study in.

A very common issue international students face is finding a job in Australia. Students often overestimate their ability to get a job or a contract immediately. Australia has plenty of good jobs for students; however itís not always easy to get one within the first few days after arrival, and sometimes it can take a long time to find one. If you are with student visa and with the permission to work for 20 hours a week, it is a good idea to apply as soon as possible for a tax file number with the Australian Taxation Department. This allows you to work legally in Australia.  Cash in hand jobs, where you do not pay tax, are not very easy to find for International students. Many students find that they use a lot more money than they thought they would, and it is very common for students to use the money set aside to pay the course, the rent and food, because they cannot find a job. I have seen a lot of students in this situation. If you do not have the money, issues will arise with both the school and the Immigration Department.  If you have problems for some reason, the best thing to do is to contact the financial department of your school, and explain or negotiate the debt. The best thing a student coming to study in Australia can do is to set aside extra money to cover any eventuality, and make sure that they have access to a credit card or extra financial help if they need it.

Otherwise studying in Australia is safe and peaceful no matter which city you choose. Being informed, and following the Australian laws and rules, everything will run smoothly so donít worry mate!

Please note that many new rules were introduced such as changing providers, 2 year courses, attendance and extra pontos for English level. More information please consult the immigration website.  

Walking on stilts without undies, may give you some problems in Australia!
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