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Not all courses that you take in Australia will be recognized in your home country, and vice versa. Governments, Unions and Councils adopt different standards of recognition for certain professions that are not the same in other countries. For example: medicine, law, engineering, electricians, and plumbers (and many others) are heavily regulated and have strict rules relating to their professions.

The courses studied in Australia are recognized here, but if your country has an agreement with the Australia Government or Australian Universities, many courses can be accepted in other countries. New Zealand is one of these countries which has agreements with Australia and practically all Australian professions and courses are recognized there. However a plumber from England can not practice his profession in Australia without a complementary course or test showing that he/she is familiar with the standards demanded by the local industry. Not all professions fit into this category, but the majority of them need to have some type of formal recognition or registration prior to applying for work.

English Courses give students a paper /certificate, which certifies the level of English reached by the student. Tests such as IELTS or Cambridge FCE supply proper certification that is recognized nationally and in some cases, internationally.

Secondary courses give a certificate or report about the studied year, as well as the subject studied. However, if a student has finished year 12 in an Australian high school, the student will need to seek recognition for his studies in his home country through the embassy or consulate.

Technical Courses in Australia offer professional skills to the Australian market. Most Australians have technical skills, and states and city councils have adopted norms and standards of national qualifications so that professionals can work in their trade nationwide. Some technical courses such as tourism, chef, hairdresser, manicurist, business, etc have national standards recognized all over Australia. However tradesmen such as electricians and plumbers with an Australian qualification will not have their trade certificates recognized in another country, unless they have agreements with industry in that country. A course done in Australia will have total approval within the domestic (national) market, which is a great advantage, if you are planning to work in Australia or to immigrate.

Students who complete university courses and post graduate courses in Australia will need to find out whether their studies are recognized in their home country, education department, or university. There are university courses such as nursing and engineering that may also need to be registered with professional unions in their field. The majority of university courses taken by international students in Australia offers the recognition to be able to work in the domestic market or suggests complementary courses will allow students to gain recognition to work in Australia.

Note: In Australia you can get all practical knowledge of work and experience recognized through the RPL process (recognition prior learning) and be accepted in a technical course or University; in your profession to work and even to immigrate. Many places offer services that will test your knowledge and skill and either validate your qualifications or offer competency equivalence. If you have the knowledge but do not have any formal qualifications, itís still possible to have formal recognition of your experience. For more information about RPL you should contact the educational institution you want to study at.

You can find more information about Australian recognition of each professional and how the recognition is process at immigration website A_Z professionals and also the place to look for information about skills recognition in Australia for the purpose of immigration.  

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