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by Bus

  The buses that travel from city to city in Australia, are usually called "Interstate bus". Australia had before quite a few companies that operate this kind of transportation, but fusions reduced to basically one company. The fact is that less and less people are travelling by buses due the cheap airfares. Urban buses are found in all towns and cities but there is some cities which the bus does not cover many areas. Australians love their cars and the comfort they provide, and as soon as the petrol prices are still economical, less people will use the bus for transportation. Th e solution is make public transportation for free or at least affordable comparing to the use of a car. Big cities such as Melbourne and Sydney, have a good urban network, but the others are very limited and dear to use. For those wishing to travel Australia by bus, one of the options is to travel with Greyhound.

Greyhound operates almost all main cities and towns of Australia, and offer different methods of travelling, from passes to the number of kilometres or days you choose. You can drop off in one town and jump in in another or in the next day, as soon as you have booked before.

These passes are divided basically in two categories: In the first, you can choose the cities you want to visit, and in the second the number of kilometres you want to travel. The biggest pass is the Around Australia which costs something around A$ 2.300. With this pass you will travel 22.000 km, and at least you may have 48 days to do this trip. The pass is valid for one year but your Visa may be not. You can by passes by sections, for example, a pass from Sydney to Cairns, back by plane to Brisbane and them Brisbane Sydney. The same can be done related to the Km option.

Well, our private conclusion is that if you have a limited time to travel Australia, you should do some travel by plane, because Australia is immense and there are some parts by road that have not much to see. Reserve the trip by road to areas that you know will be of interest. If you want to contact Greyhound, the internet address is

Have a nice trip !

Hold on everybody that the bus is gonna shake!
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