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in Tours

A good alternative to Travel Australia is to take a tour. There are many companies operating tours lasting from "Day trip" to " Around Australia in 28 days". I am talking about the kind of tour you just pay and drop in and they take care of anything else. You'll find tours available for all ranges of ages and degrees of fitness, from contemplative "soft piano stile" to radical tours, expeditions, party, adventures, suicidal, you name it. One thing many travellers don't know about Australia is that it has fantastic things to be seen and experienced outside the "basic of the basic tourist square". You can be sure you'll have moments never to be forgotten, with comfort and value for money that you never imagine could exist.

As an example, to go from Cairns to the extreme North of Australia (Cape York), is not something to be done by just renting a car and driving by yourself. It is not easy task, but the area is beautiful. A tour in a 4 x4 vehicle driven by an expert in the area, will take you there with comfort and safety, sleeping in tents or in a hotel, you choose. It is a kind of trip that is difficult to forget and thing you'll see and experiment along the way, that will make a mark in you life forever. From ants houses reaching 5 metres high to birds, wildlife, and with a chance to experiment Aboriginal culture. Visit Churches is nice, see the Opera house is nice, but nothing like this type of experience. Senior above 65 are also entering this adventures because they want to enjoy life while they still have age and time. 

There are a multitude of tour operators in any area or city in Australia offering as we said before tour to fit any class or whish. You can point a place, and there will be at least two tour operators that will take there in different ways. Another more radical example, is to cross the Australian deserts camping along the way. You don't need to bring anything because the "crew" will assemble you tent, make you bed, prepare you food, wash the dishes, light a fire under the stars, drive you around, guide you around, and so on. In reality you need to bring only one thing...your credit card.

Opposite to adventure tours you can also take the classical approach of bus tours along the coast with explanation and a guide onboard. If you are young (or young at heart) also there are kind of  "party bus tours" where you by bus will visit the towns, the "hot spots" and stay in backpacker Hostels along the way. Both types of tours when stopping in a place or town, will allow time enough for the person to engage in local tours. Example: In Cairns to visit the Great Barrier Reef. In some of these tours even local tours are included in the package.

Have a good time in Australia!

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