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by train

For those who would like to trave by Train,  Australia has few but good options. The prices could be cheaper but anyway they are at the same level than of travelling by bus, car, or plane. The only point you must pay attention before book your train trip is that in some routes the train travels mostly during the night and the railed tourist will only see stars, weather permitting. But there are day trips and even journeys that last for days and nights, just pay attention to the schedule. The majority of rail companies in Australia offer tourist passes which you can drop off in a point and resume next day just like the Euro Pass, or, you can by passes for a certain number of days only. Most of these rail companies also offer integrated passes, meaning you by the package at once. Example. Train to Cairns with a Great Barrier Reef cruise included. Depending what you want to do and for how long it is a good deal.

The main train routes in Australia are:

Countrylink - in New South Wales State. Journeys are: 
  • From Sydney to Brisbane passing by many rural towns and coastal towns by connexions.
  • From Sydney till the Outback boarder or North Territory, passing by many towns from the gold discovery era and mining, as Broken Hills.
  • From Sydney to Melbourne passing by Canberra and other rural towns of New South Wales.
Traveltrain - in Queensland State. Principal routes are:
  • From Brisbane to Cairns by the coast stoping in many cities along the way. 
  • To the Outback, going  to different areas.
  • The "Tropical", which are short distance rail tours in the region of Cairns and Port Douglas
Great Southern Railway Operates 3 distinctive tourist lines including the transportation of vehicles. (consult them about vehicles):
  • The first is called The Ghan, which runs from Adelaide crossing deserts and the "red centre" finishing in Darwin on the Northern Territory. It is a 2900 Km journey with a stop over in Alice Springs.
  • The second is called Indian Pacific from Sydney to Perth in a journey of 4350 Km. In this route the tourist will have the chance to experiment the longest strait rail section in the world with only 430 Km without turning left or right.
  • The third is called Overland, running from Melbourne to Adelaide and connecting with the above describe trains.

The urban train services of each Australian city can be seen by clicking on the links that follows.. Perth, Melboune, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide. Sydney besides the train also have a subway service. Melbourne as well as Adelaide has city Trams. Both offer day or week passes connecting with local buses. Our tip for when you arrive in one of these cities is to go to a tourist information kiosk and ask for the time table for Trains, Subway, Tram, Ferry Boats or any local public transport at no cost.

Have a nice trip !

 The railway on the left goes to nowhere, the middle one goes to the bush, and the right one goes to little house.  As you see, Australia has plenty of train journeys in offer for you to choose from.
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