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in Australia

To talk about Tourism in Australia we invited Mr.Tasman Devil, who understands very much about tourism in Australia. Interviewing Mr. Devil was a huge challenge for us due to the bites he use to give sometimes. Anyway, Tasman Devils are protected species in Australia and they got close to extinction but now recovering. Here goes the Interview...

1) The first thing I would like to know, is if a person want to visit you in Australia, What is necessary to do?
A.: Of course the person needs to buy a ticket to Tasmania. But before that, the person need to get a Tourist Visa in one of the Australian representations in your country. For countries which Australia has agrrements, the person can apply online. Also the person must have a passport valid for at least 6 months after he or she leaves Australia. If you want to know more about click here to go to the Immigration website.
2) By your Knowledge, which places your recommend for a tourist who is coming to visit Australia for the first time?

A.: Tasmania and Tasmania. Just kidding.. Tasmania is fantastic with beautiful places and gorgeous landscapes, but I also recommend in Sydney the Opera House and the harbour bridge. Beaches such as Bondi and Manly are nice and there are plenty of cultural and recreational activities to do. Melbourne is also a nice and multicultural city, full of restaurants, nightclubs, museums and nearby there is the Great South Road and the twelve Apostles, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast are also nice cities, and of course the great barrier reef is a must. If you want something more cultural and native, don't miss Ayers Rock, the Aboriginal sacred rock.

3) And Mr. Devil, for how long you recomend someone to visit Australia?

A.: Forever! I was kidding again. I would say 30 days would be nice, but I know many people don't have all this time. Australia is very big and depending on the places you want to see it is going to take many days. Anyways, 15 days is Ok for two different cities, and if you have only one week, I would say to choose one city and stay there.

4) Which is the best time of the year? Weather etc...

A.:  Summer in Australia is from December to March and can be very hot in the North parts of Australia and in the Outback. The South, at this time is fresher. Winter, from July to August is the opposite and the North gets really good. Can be quite cold during winter. So, anytime is a good time.

5) Mr. Devil, Travel Australia is safe?

A.: Yes it is. We heave a very low crime rate comparing with other nations in the world. The Australian people are friendly and always keen to help a traveller. There are some places that may bring risks from natural causes, such as crocodiles in the North part as well as jellyfish, but there are signs everywhere telling about. Just take your normal precautions and you will be fine.

6) What about accommodation Mr. Devil, Is it easy to find?
A.: There are plenty of accommodation for all kind of travellers, From backpacker Hostels to Luxury resorts, Australia has all in almost all cities and tourist destinations. You can book in advance but it is not really necessary unless a very important event is taking place during your stay.
7) People told me to fly from Sydney to Cairns if I want to see the Great Barrier Reef. Can I go by car, visiting places along the way?

A.: Of course you can, and the trip is fantastic, but you will need some time to cover the almost 3000 Km each way. The best if you have 15 days, is to fly to cairns and from there rent a car and deliver it back in Sydney. But remember, you will need many days to enjoy the trip. Also you can visit the Great Barrier Reef from other towns along the way, not only Cairns. There are some budget companies that sell only by the Internet, and some times they put on great offers..

8) Tell me Mr. Devil how much I will spend on a trip to Australia?

A.: It is difficult to say because it will depend upon what you have in mind for accommodation and tours, But just to give an idea, I just did a 30 days trip up North and I spent an average of A$ 110 a day for two people, staying in a Caravan Park. I did two tours during this time costing around A$ 200 each. You can make the same time for less in a backpack hostel and having budget meals every day. Let's say around A$ 70 per day. It is difficult to spend less, but easy to spend more. For a couple staying in a 3 stars hotels and eating out every day I would say A$ 160 per day excluding tours.

Unfortunately Mr. Tasman Devil saw a female of his specie and run behind. I strongly believe that with this Mr. Devil, the Tasman Devil never will be extinct.

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