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Australia has become one of the most attractive countries for tourism in the world and the reasons are simple: for a long time traditional tourist destinations such as Europe, USA, England, Mediterranean and many others, used to attract tourists for their history, architecture, shopping, beauty, beaches and development. Meanwhile Australia was considered too far and expensive to go, except for Asia residents. With the world changing significantly and cities growing in an astonishing pace, a few place were left untouched and pristine as Australia today. The size of the country and the surprises each region and city offers, has made Australia a kind of last frontier. That is exactly what you will find in Australia...Nice beaches, nice cities, friendly and happy people and lots of incredible thing to see and do. The best of all, is that the airfares to and inside Australia has never been so inviting to experiment this exciting country.

 Travel Australia is easy, safe, and full of fantastic place to visit. As a first world country, Australia offers all infra structure necessary for any Traveller. If you want just visit cities and shopping, you will have cities with one of the best quality of life in the world. If you want to go for radical sports and have plenty of fun, you will have a ball over here. Or if you just want contemplation, the Australian landscape is captivating. The adventures, the comfort, the fun, are just waiting for you. Doesn't matter the kind of tourist you are, you will find plenty of activities to make your trip an unforgettable one. Australia is extremely secure compared with many other countries, and Australians are proud to receive visitors and show their country to you. Expect to meet very helpful and friendly people that will treat you with respect, education, and a smile.. If you have a very limited time, we suggest you to have a look in our page about itineraries where we present some suggestions of that can be made in just few days of trip.

Three months wouldn't be enough to know Australia very well. The country is so big that even today there are lands never footsteped before. Of course you don't need and most can't see the whole country at once, but in our topics in this subject we tried to explain the best way possible, how you get along in a short trip and which places to see. If you stay only in big cities, for sure you will not have the real idea of how Australia is. The best way to do it is plan an itinerary that comprehends both sides, cities, landscapes, National parks, small towns and cultural places. It is mandatory a good plan, otherwise you may spend hours and hours on a road without any attraction instead of doing the same trajectory by plane saving time and money.

As I said before, travel in Australia is very easy, and you don't need to worry too much about reservations except in the holiday periods and during some school breaks where you may find less options, or if you are going to do some parts by plane. Accommodation of all levels and prices are also plenty, and depending of the place you go, you may have to book in advance. (Example: Backpackers in Surfers Paradise can be complete booked during the "Schoolies Week" in November, or good accommodation in Melbourne can be also full during the formula 1 race). But even with these big events, if you move some kilometres far away of the area of the event, there is no way to go wrong. Come to visit Australia and have the time of you life. For more details about Tourism in Australia, please navigate on the left at the top of this page.

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