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Travel from

Australia is a good departure point to many countries in Asia and South Pacific. The reason is the same of the domestic flights, or the competition between traditional carriers and budged carriers. Depending on the destination, there are plenty of options to fly with an Australian based company or International carriers.

From Australia places such as New Zealand, Bali, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, Vanuatu Islands, Cook Islands, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti and Hawaii, have very good tariffs on offer. There is almost no difference in prices when choosing between a budget or from the national company or that country that have regular flights to and from Australia. For example, we paid A$ 580 round trip to Vanuatu from Brisbane by Pacific Blue while the same ticket flying Air Vanuatu was A$ 610 from Sydney (food and drinks included). So, one must investigate the options at the moment because it can have a big difference depending of the time of the year and the specials offered at the time (In the example of Vanuatu both companies were offering discounts). 

The time of the year to fly out of Australia is also very relevant regarding find a place in the plane and tariffs. Australians traditionally have vacations from Christmas to about middle of January, and after that during the Easter week. July is another hot period with some workers taking 15 days break. During these periods you can expect promotions to stop and some difficulty to find a place in the plane on the short run. November to April is the Cyclone season in the South Pacific, besides it is very hot on tropical destinations, so, many Australians travel to these destinations between May and October. There is also the school breaks along the year, when parents take their kids to short holidays. Anyway, the best recommendation is to book in advance with a travel agent or on the Internet.

Many Australians Travel Agents offer very good packages to all destinations mentioned above. Some of these packages are good deal, some are not depending about what you want from your trip. In this region (Oceania & Asia) you can do most bookings by yourself on the Internet with economy and no further problems, but we only recommend that to very experienced travellers like us. Travel forums also on the Internet provide very good base to start you research. Anyway, If you are not experienced, stick with a travel agent.

International Distances (by air) from Sydney:

Note: Prices below are just a guide and can vary enormously depending on the time of the year and "specials" companies are offering. Example: I paid A$ 300 round trip from Gold Coast to Auckland while the regular price is about A$ 500

City Flight Hrs. Cost AUD$


3 hs



6 hs



10 hs



12 hs



18 hs


Buenos Aires

15 hs



3.30 hs


Hong Kong

9 hs



10 hs



20 hs


Los Angeles

16 hs


New York

22 hs


New Caledonia

3 hs



16 hs


Sao Paulo

18 hs



7 hs



10 hs



9 hs



18 hs



3 hs


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Have a nice trip!

I don't like it Roger! Your idea to come to Bora Bora to swim with the sharks, left the back of my speedo  brown!

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