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to Australia

Some suggestions to travel Australia (and Oceania) in accordance with the time available:

  • Less than 5 days Ė The best way is to stay only in Sydney and enjoy a great number of attractions the city offers.

  • 7 days - Our suggestion is to stay 4 days in Sydney, and 3 on the Gold Coast flying between the two cities. Alternatively, spend 2 days in Sydney, rent a car and drive 850 Km between Sydney and Gold Coast. This road will pass by many small cities, each one offering different and nice attractions. Byron Bay is in the middle of that way is a must stop. We also suggest to spends the night in Coffs Harbour, to climb the top of hill beside the Marina, and have a look at the seagullís colony, also enjoying the gorgeous sight of the city. On the Gold Coast, donít miss Surfers Paradise for shopping, and visit all the beaches until Tweed Heads. If you can spare one day, go for walk at the mountains and the rainforest in Springbrook.

  • 10 days - Suggestion is to stay 3 days in Sydney, 3 on the Gold Coast, e 3 in Cairns, visiting the Great Barrier Reef, flying between the cities. Alternative: for those not wanting to go until Cairns to see the Barrier Reef, exclude Cairns, and rent a car from the Gold Coast going until the Fraser Island, passing by Brisbane, and sleeping in Noosa in the Sunshine Coast. Next day go the City of 1770 to visit the Barrier Reef which is one of the best tours to the south part of the Barrier Reef. 

  •  15 days - First 3 days in Sydney, and than rent a car to go up to Cairns, 3000 km from Sydney, returning by plane. Alternative 1: make the same route by bus or train. Alternative 2:  By plane, 3 days in Sydney, 3 on the Gold Coast, 3 in Cairns, and 3 in Alice Springs in the heart of Australia, with tours to special Aborigines places including Ayers Rocks and Olgas. 

  •  20 days - Alternative 1: 10 days in Australia and 10 in the New Zealand. Alternative 2: include visits to Tasmania or Darwin in the route.

  •  30 days - From Sydney go by car until Cairns, and later take the west direction to  Darwin. From Darwin go to Alice Springs, to Melbourne, and return to Sydney.

  • 60 days or more - Buy or rent a Campervan or Motohome, and make a complete tour around Australia including the city of Perth. They are approximately 22,000 km. Some roads are monotonous, driving hundreds of km without any change in the landscape, but always there are some interesting places to visit, existing exclusively in Australia.

Thousand of Australians when retiring, they sale their houses and buy a Motohome and go around Australia. We know a couple of 70 years old that are about 10 years on the road. Each time passing for different cities and spots.

-Please stop complaining dear, I told you without our home I don't travel!
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