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Parks in

The best Theme Parks in Australia are located on the Gold Coast. They are:

Movie World - With the Slogan "Hollywood on the Gold Coast", this park belongs to Warner Brothers. The theme of this place, as the name suggests, the world of movies, more specifically Warner Brothers productions, including Batman and Robin, Scooby Doo, the crew from bugs bunny and many others. This place also offers various shows of special effects, stunt shows, and rides such as the suspended roller coaster "Lethal Weapon". It has many restaurants and places to eat and souvenir stores.

Wet'n'Wild - It is an aquatic park, with toboggan of all sizes and inclinations, with rides inside pipes, radical curves, buoys, e also what if it goes down in top of a inflatable raft that fits the entire family. It also has many big swimming pools , one of them equipped with screen which they play movies, a pool with artificial waves.

Dreamworld Offers big attractions as The "Cyclone", the biggest Roller Coaster in the South Hemisphere, together with the "Thunderbolt", with a double Loop, and the "Tower of Terror" that is a tower equivalent the 38 floors, in which a trolley goes up slowly, it stops later falling down from a high place vertically in free fall in only 7 seconds, reaching 160 speeds of km hour, e gravity force = 4,5. In The "Tiger Island", tigers make a big show and impress by their size. It is possible as well to see native animals as Koalas, Kangaroos and many other attractions as the house of the Big Brother.

Seaworld - performs shows with dolphins, seals, tanks with sharks, and a pool area especially made for Polar Bears, where if it can see the bears swimming under water through a glass room. Also have shows of water ski, special shapes rollers coasters, aquatic park, monorail, Bermuda Triangle (a boat that sails in the interior of a mountain full of special effects), restaurants and much more.

David Fleay Wildlife Park - Basically an ecological park with a variety of species of Australian animals as Koalas, the Platypus, special Kangaroos that climb trees, Crocodiles, Lorikeets, shows with Aborigines etc... Open from 9 to 5 daily.

Currumbin Sanctuary - Another ecological park, in an enormous green area, shows a diversified species of Australian animals, amongst them, the Tasman Devil, threatened of extinguishing, Lorikeets, Kangaroos, koalas, Rodents, Serpents, Lizards and Cassuaries. The park facilities includes a snack bar, store of souvenir, mini train, and is possible to watch an Aborigine show. All the animals that do not represent danger, walking untied in the park between the people and during certain hours is possible to feed them. Tours at night can be booked to see the nocturnal animals.

Olson's Bird Garden located surrounded by Subtropical Forests, with birds of the entire world, in aviaries and outdoors. Have a labyrinth, rose garden, snack bar, and area for picnic. It is open from 9 am to 5 pm, at the Currumbin Creek Road.

Australia Zoo - Zoological Park of the worldwide famous Steve Erwin, "Crocodile Hunting ". The Zoo has shows with a lot of action in the animals feeding hour plus snakes, lizards, Camels, Koalas, Turtles and much more. If you to want, it possible to take photos with a giant snake in the neck. They are great shows. Open daily from 8:30 am to 4 pm. The park is located 1 hour to the north of Brisbane near the Glass House Mountains, Sunshine Coast.

Public buses, tourism companies, and taxis serve these parks daily. Discounts are offered for groups. Christmas is the only day of the year closed.

Bob and friends got too excited after a full day at a Gold Coast Theme Park.

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