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 Incredible Places
in Australia

The North Coast of the State of New South Wales, keeps hidden secrets that a lot of Australians still don't know about, and therefore still provides stunning landscapes with desert beaches and absolute blue waters, surrounded by abundant vegetation in state's forest reserves. Broken Heads is one of these places, and can easily be accessed from Byron Bay.

Broken Heads is situated in the end of the beach, to the left of the Lighthouse of Byron Bay (photo), and consists of a village with 100 inhabitants in the maximum. One of the reasons of so little demography is the fact that the entire region is inside a forest reserve, which stops the construction of houses or any another type of construction. To arrive there (for those coming from Sydney), you will need to get on the road to Ballina, in direction to Byron Bay. The Access for Broken Heads is about 12 km of Byron, through a narrow paved road. Once in Byron Bay it becomes easy to get there by following clear road signs, or in case you get a bit lost, by asking one of the friendly locals. There are no retail shops there, only the Camping & Caravan Park beach front. Any grocery, food, supplies etc will have to be bought in the small centre, which is located halfway between Byron and Broken Head or at Byron Bay.

Broken Heads has one of the best thing in the world to do: nothing. Nothing related with spending or gaining money anyway. Over there the world stop for you. At night, the sky covered with stars sky is really impressive, and the brightness of the Lighthouse of Byron turning in regular intervals, composes a scene of film, packed with the sounds of the waves of the sea. The wood fire on the beach, followed by a Luau, is the best option. Fishing in the open beach is another amusement with guaranteed results. However you need to be aware of the "Bag Limit" (maximum number and minimum size of the species stipulated by the authorities) as well as a need for a fishing license (NSW). During the day, the best activity is to be like a lizard and lie down in a beautiful beach (do not forget to use sun block, because of the problem of the Ozone whole in Australia). The National Park, have mountains and much vegetation that creep all the way into the ocean giving a touch of paradise to the place. The beach where the camping is situated, begins a track (photo) that cuts the bush and goes to the other side of the hill, where you will find absolute desert beaches. The track, follows each point of the side sea, and after each point, another desert beach appears. Almost all beaches have a stream that supplies drinking waters the place, but in accordance with rains in the region, the best advise is to have your own supply of water (when we were there the small rivers were dry).

Another reason to stop in Broken Heads, is the fabulous waves for surfing that it offers in main, and behind two islets considered sacred by the Aborigines. History counts that they were two twin sisters whom had decided to swim in the sea, disobeying to the orders of their parents. The sea was dangerous, and they had drowned. The spirits than decided to transform them into 2 islands, side by side, as a reminder for future generations. The right point of Broken Heads breaks in a deep bottom of sand and rock. Most of the time Broken Heads offers good waves, which often attracts surfers from Byron Bay and surfers from other nearby towns. Broken Heads is a place in Australia for those who adore the nature, resting, meditation, and love.

Surf Point The Two Sisters

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