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 Incredible Places
in Australia

From Ballina to South in direction to the north of New South Wales, there is a beautiful small city. Further sensational landscapes, the beaches of Evans Head are an invitation for a swim on its clear waters or to Surf in perfect waves. The city offers a very friendly and hospitality atmosphere. There is a variety of accommodation facilities and the camping and caravan park is really beach front. The city centre is resumed to only one street with basic shops and essential services such as bakery, butcher supermarket. This is a popular beach during school vacations and double the population. The city also offers a club and food shops and restaurants to supply residents and families on holidays. The road is sealed and easy access.

Fishing is one of the highlights of the city, and it is not a coincidence there is a busy Cooperative trading with many fish boats. Everyday the boats bring a variety of fresh Prawns, fishes and other sea food for sale. They are sorted in size and prices and than sold at the spot direct to the public .The prawns are one of their main product and most of them are sold already cooked. For the Octopus lovers who find it difficult to get them in Australia in bigger sizes, this is the place. Line fishing is excellent there with open sea beaches and diversified species to catch. But do not forget that in NSW is necessary to have a license to fish, but it is easy to get it at any recreational fishing shop at the city.

Crossing the breakwater in the direction to the other side, it is located the city lookout. Worthwhile a visit, from there is possible to overview both sides of the area (Both photos were taken from there). So many fantastic beaches and plenty of good Surf waves. At the lookout base there is a sealed road to an isolated beach offering lots of uncrowded surfing waves and a meeting point for sea birds (photo below). Evans Heads is a place to rest and appreciate the nature. Walking along the beaches on the early morning or on the late afternoon is very pleasant, and it is better because the sun is not so hot. For a little more adventure and for the flight lovers there is an aero club with ultra light and gliders available. If you are going by car to Sydney from the Gold Coast or vice versa it is worth to stop for 1 or 2 nights over there. You will not only rest from the driving but the opportunity to eat very cheap lots of prawns and a cold beer.

How to get there - 36 Km south from Ballina at the seaside North of the State of New South Wales. The Highway n.1 pass by the city of Woodburn, from there starts the sealed road to Evans Head (10 Km). The Council Camping is beach front with very good spots to camp or to park a motor home and they have also Cabins to rent. Although is a large site, during school holidays maybe hard to book a place.

Evans Head -The Village, beach and Breakwater.



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