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 Incredible Places
in Australia

Forster is just two and a half hours drive from Northern Sydney. Because of the proximity of the big city, donít expect a quiet and isolated place, especially in the summer and during the school holidays. Forster is like an Australian version of the wonderful ĎBuziosí beach in Rio de Janeiro, it has surf, good night life, great for fishing, snorkeling, with a large beautiful lagoon full of fishes. Forsterís beaches are coves surrounded by cliffs hills and dunes and known for its natural beauty. If you travel in January it may be more expensive than off-season and expect prices to be double the normal , but like anything in life, good staff always costs more.

Elizabeth Beach is a semi-sheltered horseshoe shaped beach with beautiful clear waters surrounded by a green forest bedded in sand. To the North there are other beaches, which lead to the city. This beach is one of the most perfect beaches for families, with nice small waves and sheltered ocean. Fishermen and surfers prefer the surrounding beaches. This region is inside the Booti Booti National Park is lusciously green and really beautiful offering many great walks and trekking.  Going a little more to the south of Elizabeth Beach, following the main roads, there is Seal Rock (Seal Rock is in the photo at the top of the page) On the way, there are many spectacular beaches, many of them are deserted, some with occasional holiday houses. Seal Rock has a type of cape that is roughly 100 meters long then abruptly drops off to the sea. On top of the cape there is an amazing birds-eye view. Over there is an old lighthouse. There is such a great feeling of wanting to stay in Seal Rock just to forget the world; it is so beautiful, the views and just the peace of the place. 

Cape Hawke is a cape right in front of the city. There is a trail for hiking that gives an excellent viewpoint of the grottoes and caverns in the back of the rock formations. In each curve of the path there are steep rocky banks. At the end of a small but well footed trail there is a super white sand dune, and behind it you will find a beach of your dreams. The surf and water is transparent and there are many attractions along with a perfect sunrise watching over the ocean. 

Forster commercial center is small but spacious with wide streets, good variety of shops, little holiday houses, many parks along the shoreline and an excellent caravan park. This caravan park is the only caravan park in Australia with a marina at the disposure of the guests. Forster neighbour city is Tucurry, to get there you just need to cross a bridge. The marina is always full of luxurious boats. Just a little way down the canal there is Lake Wallis, which is god spot for fisherman, getting mainly mud crabs, and giant crabs. There are many islands in the middle of the lake and deserted beaches making them popular for families to go with their boats on picnic and fishing trips while drinking a nice cold beer. In the cities, accommodation is not a problem with various hotels, motels, apartments and ďB&BísĒ. During the summer break there is a need to reserve in advance and be prepared to pay a little more. 

20 kilometers to the North of Forster along to highway is a place called Hallidays Point, an area much smaller and more secluded so there are less houses and less developed. The city is very small with no building complexes and very little residents. Hallidays Point has a great caravan park, which is right on the beach, with pools, BBQ facilities and powered sites. There are also 2 bedroom cabins, TV and refrigerator, which are available to be rented. (Please Note: During summer its almost impossible to find a spot, booking is essential). On the left side of the beach is Red Rock, which has many walks leading to desert beaches and well-marked trails that heading to lookouts with wonderful sea views. 

There are many other beaches and interesting things to do and see in the region. We suggest at least 3 days in the area and if it is summertime, the best time is before Christmas, around middle of December or after the 25th of January. Easterís holiday time is a really busy time, but if you donít have any other option, you will probably pay nearly 3 times the normal price for accommodation.  Anyway we recommend this place for people of all ages. It has beautiful waters and a great atmosphere of a city beach, reminding very much Buzios in Brazil, close to Rio de Janeiro. You need to go and see this place in Australia, the only difference is that here they speak English.

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