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 Incredible Places
In Australia

Rainbow Beach is a place no longer a secret spot as before, and because of its special beauty is now part of several tourist itineraries and one of the best points to reach Fraser Island. The name of the city is due to a barrier of multicoloured sands that follows the beach for the whole extension. In some parts, the landscape looks like Lunar with plenty of different formations. Rainbow Beach is only 2.5 hours drive North of Brisbane in Queensland, and it became a very popular holiday place and meeting point for young people. 

The beach is long with its open sea. Swimming sometimes is dangerous due the strong currents. For Surfing, it is an excellent beach break with isolated picks in the whole extension. In the end of the beach, there is a place called Double Island Point, with perfect right waves, in a bottom of sand and attracts most local surfers. The only access to this point is by 4 wheel drive cars. In fact, the beach itself is considered as a road, and walking people must be aware of the traffic. Pay attention to the tides, because when is high, it interrupts the passage. After passing the Double Island Point, they are some remains of the passengers boat Cherry Venture, becoming a shipwrecked during a hurricane and a tourist point for the ones coming from Rainbow Beach, as well for the tours starting from the city of Noosa in Sunshine Coast. The propeller of this boat is exposed at Rainbow Beach main square. 

Rainbow Beach is a small town but it has been growing very much in the last years due to the tourism. The lifesaving club is at side beach where a big balcony provides a beautiful view of the sea; they serve excellent food, and a very cold beer, very affordable. Opposite to the club, there are the public toilets (picture) all painted with a Surf theme. The ship’s propeller is over there. Practically everything in the city concentrates on the main street, from the camping (just behind the club), tourist information, bakery, market, hotels, the liquor shop. The city is quite cheerful and busy, but it lacks more shadow for summer days. 

Tin Can Bay is the town located on the opposite side of Rainbow Beach. The bay is fantastic fishing spot and invites you to have or to rent a boat to explore the area. When we were there, (picture) we met Dolphins, enormous Sea Turtles, and a lot of fish shoals that made the water boil. The worst thing is that we realised how bad we were fishing, because after 3 hours and hundreds of baits, we took for eating just 3 Squids and a shameless fish. I am quite sure that we rented the aluminium boat with a motor of 6 HP for the whole day, for only $40 including gasoline.  In fact, Rainbow Beach has 2 Camping sites, one in the city, and the other in the edge of the estuary  (It is a Camping, Caravan Park and Cabins with bathroom and TV). By car, we strongly recommend the one close to the bay, because it is big and very well located, all arboreous and lot of shadow areas,  providing shade that saved me after a whole day in the sun. It was in this camping that we rented the boat. The only problem there is vacancy during the school holidays. The owner told us that he has 4.000 people of a single time. There are many other type of accommodation in Rainbow Beach, such as Bed and Breakfast and friendly small hotels.

Cherry venture propeller

 To the Surf Point

Recommendations: at least 2 days of visit,  a four wheel drive car, surfboard ( or you can rent a surfboard over there), and fishing material with lots of bait, hat, and a good sunblock. Renting a boat is worthwhile. If you are a Hang Glider, the area offers one of the best places in Australia for Hang Gliding at Carlo Sand Blow. The Sand Blow really worth a visit, with breathtaking views of the coloured sand beach and the Double Island Point from the top.

How to get there: After Brisbane in Bruce Highway go North until the city of Gympie (quite interesting). In Gympie take the highway for Rainbow Beach (80 Km asphalt) .

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