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  Attention: All information in this topic is to be taken as a guide only and may be outdated. The Department of Immigration of Australia, constantly modify and update the rules for most types of Visas. For actual and correct information, please consult the official website of the Department of Immigration.

For those people interested in live in Australia, and to get the same rights (and obligations) of any Australian person, it is necessary to apply for a visa of permanent residence. This visa is based on a system of points, in which session of the application is attributed to X number of points. For example: level of English, academic qualifications, professional experience, age, and many other questions. Each year, the Department of Immigration makes an update of the “Pass Mark” or the number of point to be reached by the candidate, and the number of points each qualification is receiving.

 Any person can apply by themselves without an agent  and the Australian Embassies around the world, sell complete set of booklets with the manuals, teaching with details how to apply. It is not very hard but it will need a lot of time to read and interpret all the necessary documentation and the website. On the other hand, no other person can give any information about immigration, only qualified immigration agents, registered by the MARA, a government organization .

The immigration process is not cheap and the cost may be over A$ 3000, and with many taxes and documentation ( in English) to be organized and presented plus the costs of the Agent services. You may find the fee charged by the Immigration Agent expensive, but in reality it can save you time and the experience as agent can show you some other options to get the necessary points. Agents also are required to pay high fees to the government to be registered. I have met some people who were very close to reach the necessary points but still not enough and with the orientation of an Agent and two years later with a qualification study, the person reached the mark level and could get the points to apply successfully. There are not tricks, but the agents deep knowledge of the rules may find ways to reach the objective.

Immigration Agents are like lowers,( and many of them are in fact) and they follow restricted rules of behaviour and ethics audited by the Australian government. They can loose their registration in case of  complains or illicit work. By law only agents and the Immigration department it self can advise about immigration issues. Agents can receive money for consultancy, visas, intermediation, lawyer advise, make the application in behalf of other people, besides requesting the necessary documentation for the process.

Most Migration Agents work following these steps: Firstly they make an assessment so they can evaluate the conditions of the person interested in migrate. From this first assessment it is possible to know how many points could reach, and/or how many points are missing. Some Agents may charge for the first consultation, others do not. It is possible in some websites, inclusive at Dept of Immigration website to make a self assessment point test also. Although the agent may indicate you will get a positive response for your application, the agent cannot guarantee the final  approval, only the Department of Immigration can do that. Any way the rules are clear and the chances of approval are very high if the person is qualified and follow all the requirements  of the process. 

Some advantages tom use an Immigration Agent is that the person will be able guided and supported during all the process, and once initiating it, will know the possibilities to obtain the permanent residence (PR). Agents may give advise in all the sectors of the permanence in Australia, either partners, student, professional qualification, investors or people wanting to buy a business to stay in Australia. 

 Note: Study Agents and Migration Agents,are two completely separate things, being Migrant Agents obligatorily registered with MARA and government, while Education Agent does not require any registration or special qualification. Some Agents deliver both services.

If you would like to live in Australia and want to know if you have the chances to apply, but not sure about the points, you can  try to make a self assessment point test at the immigration website. Our tip for those seriously thinking about migrating, is to plan and save money to make front the costs of the immigration process, and if possible to contact an Immigration Agent. 

List of Migration Agents to Australia: 

Migration Agency  Agency in Languages
Australia English/Portuguese/Spanish

Japonese/ Mandarin



Portuguese/ English


 The Agent told me if we run it may be possible to apply for our Permanent Residence today.
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