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  Attention: All information in this topic is to be taken as a guide only and may be outdated. The Department of Immigration of Australia constantly modify and update the rules for most types of Visas. For actual and correct information, please consult the official website of the Department of Immigration.

Australian Citizenship is offered only to those who did apply to the Department of Immigration and had fulfilled the requirements. One of these requirements, is that the person has to be living in Australia at least for 4 years with a valid visa and 1 year as Resident. During this period the person cannot be overseas for more than 90 days. 

Permanent Resident, is a person who did apply for immigration and was approved and was receiced a Permanent Resident Permit. Note that as a Permanent Resident of Australia, the person is entitled to legally live and work in Australia but do not have the same rights as a Citizen, such as unemployment benefit, maternity leave, low income benefits, education credits, and many others until receiving citizenship.

A Permanent Resident has a time limit to travel and stay outside Australia or the Permanent Resident Visa will expire. Also, when going overseas the person should obtain with the immigration Department, a Resident Returning Visa, before you leave Australia. It is a must to observe the maximum period you can stay outside Australia, and if for some reason you need more time, talk with an official at the immigration Department about your case and your needs. 

  Citizenship and Permanent Residency has different meanings. As an analogy to understand the differences, imagine a situation where I ask you to live in your house with your family and you say it is OK, and I can stay as long as I want, but I am not a member of your family yet, or have the same benefits as the rest of your family such as Australian Passport, etc...Only after a certain time, showing good character, obeying the law of your home, and respecting the values of your family, is that I will be accepted as a member of your family. Nearly 100 thousand people per year became new Australians. The application to become a Citizen of Australia requires the condition above mentioned, plus filling up a form where there are questions about your period as a Permanent Resident. Besides that, is required that you present 3 reference letters from persons of the society who knows you, such as Doctors, Dentists, Justice of Peace, Police, etc... Attesting they know you for more than 2 years. Your photograph in the application also must be certified by a Justice of Peace attesting it is you on the photo, all written and signed at the backside of the photo.

After your Application for Citizenship is approved, the Department of Immigration will make a public Ceremony (usually to be held at the auditorium of your local council) where it will be handled to you your Citizenship Certificate. During the ceremony, there are explanations about the symbols of Australia, such as the flag and the anthem, and some Australian typical foods. Before the end of the ceremony, all new Australians will be requested to say the "pledge"( reproduced below").

 "From this time forward, under god (under god puede ser suprimido se usted preferir), I pledge my loyalty to Australia and its people, whose democratic beleifs I share, whose rights and liberties I respect, and whose laws I will uphold and obey."

Note1: Australia recognises double Citizenship, meaning that you don't loose your original Citizenship after becoming an Australian.

Note 2: Citizenship  TEST Australian citizenship practice test. ( new window)

The Aboriginal people are the original land owners of Australia.
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