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  Attention: All information in this topic is to be taken as a guide only and may be outdated. The Department of Immigration of Australia, constantly modify and update the rules for most types of Visas. For actual and correct information, please consult the official website of the Department of Immigration.

We've met in Brisbane the leader of the Working Kangaroo Party, the iron roo, Dr. Kangajet, who decided to give us an interview about Visas to Australia. The result of the interview, which helps to respond the most frequent asked questions about Visas to Australia follows...

1) Dr. Kangajet, why people call you like that?
A: Because the turbines that I have on my back makes me move even faster in the whole Australia.
2) Dr. Kangajet who needs a Visa to enter Australia?
A: Any citizen from any country except New Zealand. Depending on the Australian classification about the level of the Country the process can require more or less papers and proofs. For example, for Countries level 1, the Visa can be taken online over the Internet, the easiest way.. 
3) Is the Visa only possible to be obtained in my own country or it could be done from any other country, in case I am living overseas?
A: You may apply from any country you are living throughout the Australian Embassy or Consulate nearest to you. The only problem is that some documents may require to be in English or to be translated into English by an approved official translator.
4) If I am in Australia under a certain Visa, can I change into another Visa class?
A: It also depends on the classification of your country of passport under the level system. Level 1 is always easier, but there are still some impositions for other country-levels. The remedy is to go out of Australia (New Zealand for example) and obtain a new class of Visa. Note that the condition of  "no further stay" stamped in your passport means you can not extend or renew the Visa inside Australia.
5) Dr. Kangajet...How long a visitor is allowed to stay in Australia?
A: It depends. Normally the Tourist Visa comprehends a maximum stay of 3 months, but it is renewable for another 3 or more depending on your financial capacity to sustain yourself while touring Australia plus a good explanation to the Immigration officers why you need to stay so long. Note that under a tourist Visa, a visitor can not get work of any kind. 
6) But people under a Student Visa can work, can't they?
A.: Yes and no. Only international students on a full time course are allowed to work 20 hour per week and 40 hours per week during the school breaks and holiday periods. People studding for less than 90 day don't need a Student Visa and can not work, except with previous consent from the Immigration Department. 
7) If I am under a Student Visa and I do have a partner. Is my partner allowed to work too?
A.: Yes, your husband/wife or partner/De facto is also allowed to work 20 hours per week, or 40 hour per week if the course you're taking is a PHD or Master with research course. Anyway, he/she will have to obtain a work permission with the Immigration department and only will be able to start working after you start the course. You will have to prove to the immigration a stable relationship with your partner of more than 1 year.
8) How long does a Student Visa is valid?
A.: It is valid for the time that course last. Howver, you can extend the Visa after the course finished, by enrolling in another course and getting another visa. (don't need to go overseas).
9) What about other Visas?
A.: There are many different Visas for each situation. For example, there is the  working Visa, Business Visa, Refugee Visa, Permanent Residency Visa, Tourist Visa, Working Holiday Visa and many others.
10) How can I know more about the different Visas?
A.: The best thing you can do is to have a good look at the website of the Department of Immigration, or visit the Australian Embassy or Consulate nearest to you.

A different Visa to Miss Kangajet.

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