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 Denied to

  Attention: All information in this topic is to be taken as a guide only and may be outdated. The Department of Immigration of Australia, constantly modify and update the rules for most types of Visas. For actual and correct information, please consult the official website of the Department of Immigration.

From the information we had from people who had a Visa denied by the Australian authorities, one of the most important factors was the lack of adequate financial situation to support the person while in Australia. The second motif in our list was failing to supply enough information by the time the application form was filled, followed by not providing any bond with the country of origin. e.g. : No family, no place of residence, no job, nothing that indicates that the person in question will return to its country before the expiration of the visa.

Important Notice: Never lie or invent things when filling up the form. The department of Immigration do investigate whatever you wrote in the form to mach the facts. If any irregularity is found, it is considered not only a grave fault but in some cases even fraud, which is a criminal offence in Australia, being necessary a very convincing explanation for you Visa not to be denied. So, pay very much attention when filling up the form.

Real Case: A person answered the questionnaire (form) telling the Australian Immigration Department that he never been outside his country before. The Department discovered he visited London once, and call him on the phone to confirm or not the case, which he insisted on the lie. His visa was denied. 

Depending on the motif in which a Visa was denied, the applicant will have to wait a certain period of time (under the immigration or embassy/consulate discretion) to re-apply again. Having a denied Visa for other countries doesn't necessary means the same will happen for Australia.

For a better application:

  • Make sure you can show a proof of income or a bank statement that demonstrate enough funds to face your expenditure in Australia without no need to get any work in Australia. The Immigration Department stipulates an annual average of A$ 18.000 for students taking courses in Australia. It is important to demonstrate income not goods such as your car, house, boat or general properties. If you alone don't have the income, a sponsor such as father, mother, grandmother, etc... can be accepted, if they produce a letter telling the Immigration they will be financially responsible for your expenses, and in this case they will have to proof the availability of this income.

  • Real Case: A man sold his goods and had US$ 80.000 in the bank. He applied for a Visa to study 3 months in Australia and the Visa was denied. The reason he told me, was because he didn't show any reason why after the 3 months he was going to return to his country and overstay his Visa, since he had no fixed job in his country, no son or daughters, in other words, nothing to make him return back to his country after the studies. The Immigration Department suspected he was going to overstay his Visa and stay illegal in Australia. A future job offer in his country or something similar, could give to the officer of the Immigration Department some more base to trust his intentions.

  • When applying for a Visa to Australia, do it in the best way you can, filling up the form with legible and clear letters, following step-by-step the questions in the form. If necessary write the answers in a scratch before passing to the form. Read very well the requirement to understand exactly which documents you'll have to annexe.

  •  Link to the financial requirements to obtain a Visa to Australia

I am in bad mud with the Department.

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