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  Attention: All information in this topic is to be taken as a guide only and may be outdated. The Department of Immigration of Australia, constantly modify and update the rules for most types of Visas. For actual and correct information, please consult the official website of the Department of Immigration.

Student Visa to Australia - Is needed if a person is coming to study in Australia for a period of more than 90 days it doesn't matter what type of course. If the course is shorter than that, this Visa is not necessary, and a simple tourist Visa will do.  The first step to get a Student Visa is to get a Letter of offer (COE) from the educational institution the student is about to enrol. (Note: The institution must be registered with the government to teach international students, in other words, the school must have a CRICOS number). The second step and one of the most important is to supply the Immigration Department with enough evidences that the student can face the costs of the school, plus the cost of living for the period that he/she intend to study. As a base, you need beside the money to pay for the course, a minimum of AU$ 18.610/year  (2013) to cover accommodation, food, and transport while in Australia. This evidence of financial support may be demonstrated by the student, or by a sponsor such as a relative paying for your studies.

The Student Visa may allow the Student to work part-time legally in Australia (40 hour per 2 weeks during studying weeks, and during the breaks and holiday periods). This concession from the Immigration Department is made to help the Student to have a pocket money for some needs. A student Visa alone does not give the right to work as mentioned above. Only after the Student starts the first day of school is that he/she can go to the Immigration Department to get a working permit. Another restriction of the Student Visa is that your presence in the classes are strictly controlled, and failing to attend at least 80% of the classes will incur in the cancellation of your Visa and you will to go back home loosing all monies paid.

Note 1: In case the Visa is denied, the applicant has the right to receive the money paid to the school back, less the enrolment fee. The receipt of payment issued by the school is called COE (confirmation of Enrolment), and this COE is requested by the Immigration to issue a Student Visa.

Note 2: The duration of the Visa is the same as the duration of the course. Lets suppose you have paid one year of studies, which was approved by the Immigration. So, you'll have 12 months of Visa plus 1 extra month to do tourism after you finish studding. 

  • Example 1:  The person enrol in a course with duration of 9 months but the school accepts payment every 3 months or so. The Visa will cover the entire 9 months except if you fail later to complete one of the payments you still own to the course.
  • Example 2:  The person intent is to study English for 3 months, and after that do a Vocational or Tertiary course of two years of duration. Ok, if you doing that in the same institution, the COE probably will cover the entire period. If in deferent institutions (without agreement) you will have to get two COE, and the total length of the Visa probably will be the duration of the two courses together.

Nota 3:  In both cases above if the student fails to pay the instalment of the course, the Visa is immediately cancelled

Besides the COE solicited by the Immigration, The government of Australia also requires that you get a Health Insurance that covers the period you'll be studding. The schools usually offer this insurance by the time you apply for the COE, or you can do privately and show the policy to the Immigration.

How to apply for a Student Visa: The first step is to choose the course, the educational institution and the city you would like to study. Once you make sure it is what you want, the second step is to do the enrolment and receive the COE. Now, fill up the form to apply for the Student Visa, not forgetting to annexe all necessary documentation required, e.g.: COE, financial statement, medical certificate, vaccinations (if required for your country of origin), the CRICOS number of the course, Starting and End dates of the course, 3 photos 5x7 cm, receipt of payment for the Visa cost itself, and the form, without errors. Usually the Visa takes about 30 days or less to be issued depending on how busy the Immigration staff is at the time.

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They will decide in a chess game who is going to pay for the course and the cost of a Student Visa to Australia

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