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  Attention: All information in this topic is to be taken as a guide only and may be outdated. The Department of Immigration of Australia, constantly modify and update the rules for most types of Visas. For actual and correct information, please consult the official website of the Department of Immigration.

Here is a selection of tip about Visas to Australia:

Make sure your passport is valid for the time you intend to stay in Australia + 3 more months after that. To renew your Passport with the embassy or consulate of your country in Australia may take a long time, and will have to assess the new number with the Immigration Department.
Never give dubious or false information when filling up the application form. The data give is checked and can conduct to a denied Visa if the information is suspicious.
Once you have your Visa and already in Australia, don't forget to renew it BEFORE the expiration date, other way you will be considered illegal in Australia, and fines do apply for late renewal, if not asked to leave the country.
Bring extra Passport size photos just in case you loose your passport or it is required for a Visa or form. In Australia document photos are taken manly in pharmacies and some speciality shops. There are regulation about the photos such as 3x4 cm size, must show your shoulders, minimum size of your face in the photo, and preferably being smiling.
There is no need to have your passport with you at all times. You can leave it at your accommodation place. Even so, it is not a bad idea to have a Xerox copy with you for identification matters. For students going to drink in night clubs, ask your school to supply a student card for age proof.
if you apply for a Visa by yourself without the help of a third person, make sure it is very legible and without errors. if not sure about the questions fill up first with a pencil. Don't forget to annexe all documents required as well as photos and medical exams. The department don't precede the application without the fees being paid. If doing by post, don't forget to annexe a pre-paid return envelope.
Remember that some times of the year the Department gets really busy, so don't leave to the last minute to send the Visa application or you may have to change plans.


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