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  Attention: All information in this topic is to be taken as a guide only and may be outdated. The Department of Immigration of Australia, constantly modify and update the rules for most types of Visas. For actual and correct information, please consult the official website of the Department of Immigration.

Tourist Visa to Australia - is indicated for those going to visit Australia for holidays, tourism, or study, as soon the course doesn't last more than 12 week (for more than that a Student Visa is required. It is important to know that a Tourist Visa does NOT allow the holder to work in Australia at any circumstance.

Tourist Visas can be of short or long duration, usually 3 months with option to apply for it to be renewed for up to 6 months. Note: It is possible to extend this Visa even further, but a very convincing explanation will be required by the Immigration officers, to explain why you need to stay so long, as well as a proof of financial situation to do so. Note that once in Australia, it is very difficult to change the Visa category e.g.: from Tourist Visa to Student Visa, and except countries with level classification 1, all other may have to leave the country to apply from outside.

To get a Tourist Visa you will have to fill up a form, pay the fee, and present all documentation requested by the Embassy, Consulate or Commission in the country you are. If applying from outside your country all documents must be in English or the language of that country (not yours). People from countries Level1 can apply online over the Internet.

Watch out not to wet the passports!

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