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   Australia is in demand of many types of professionals to fulfil the market needs. It is not a demand for simple workers but for qualified professionals with qualification and work experience in those fields.

Professions in demand are seen with good eyes by the Immigration department, which every year or so releases a list of new demands and shortages in different areas of work all over Australia. The Immigration Department goes even further giving extra point in the Skilled Immigration Category for those graduated or qualified in a skill in demand. 

There are two types of demand, one of Technical or vocational level and another for tertiary level. The biggest demand in August 2007 was in the medical sector. Dentists radiologists, nurses, Doctors and surgeon were in high demand. Some others professionals of technical levels such as Child Cares, chefs, Hairdressers, and many speciality in the hospitality industry including chefs were also in demand. It is very important to understand that the department changes often the list depending upon the needs, so what is written here today, may not still be in demand tomorrow, so the best you can do is to check directly with the department with the links supplied below.

For an International Student who enrol in a courses which is in the demand list, when the course is finished and if the student wishes to get the permanent residency, he or she may obtain extra points in the immigration process. Of course this is at the discretion of the immigration department.

For professionals already graduated and experienced overseas, the government is also facilitating the entrance of people with skills in the demand list. Some of this professions to be practiced in Australia will require further studies to adapt to the Australia system and rules, as well as in some cases, recognitions of the qualification which must be made with the Australian authorities.

The links below will take you to the official website of the Australian authorities regulating these processes:

  • List of professions in Demand, click here

  • To see the extra points each qualification gives, click here

  • For recognition of you profession in Australia, click here

Poisonous snakes carer is not in demand at the moment
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