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   To talk about work in Australia, we went to the zoo and interview with exclusiveness Mrs Koala. She never worked before, because she spend most of  the day sleeping. The reason for that is the habit of eating of lots of Eucalyptus leafs, making her very sleepy. But the fact is Mrs Koala understands about the subject, and she accepted to give us an interview, since she could stay hanging in her favourite branch and with closed eyes. The main content is below:

1) Mrs Koala, why don't you work? The problem is about not having enough jobs in Australia or you are too lazy to look for?
R.: Pure laziness, my son! There is a good offer of Jobs in Australia at the moment and in many areas. But you know, I do not need to work because here in the Zoo, I have everything necessary, and for free. 
2) But you may agree that en extra money will not hurt. Maybe the wages are too low, isn't it?

R.: Not at all. The wages are not the biggest wonder of the world, but they are well above many other countries. At here they start paying A$12 an hour  for people who does not know anything, and can get to A$ 200 or more for some lawyers, doctors, and staff highly qualified. Ah, and there is another thing, the cost of living here is very reasonable and much cheaper than in some places whose wages are bigger, so it is not really bad at all.

3) What about the foreigners? Are they allowed to work in Australia? 

R.: Look, I will be sincere with you. I hate foreign competition, and there was a time, the Zoo brought a sloth from Brazil called Preguicilda, to divide the attention with me. I was very angry, but in the end we were friends. The truth is Australia is very different from the United States. Back in U.S.A. most  foreigners cannot work except in some cases. But in Australia they can, once the person has the appropriate visa. The visa is not an animal of 7 heads to get, and has different types for different purposes. All you have to do is look at the website of DIMA and read with attention to identify which one is you case. It is a little bureaucratic, but you can do it. 

4) And which are the main situations a foreigner can work in Australia?

R.:  Ah, too many situations. For example, International Students with visas for more than 3 months courses have a permission to work . Other type of visa are related to people with passports from countries that Australia has agreements, a visa called Working Holiday. Another way would be if the person receives a job offer, and the company guarantee to immigration through a letter of "Sponsorship", affirming that they need this person and they will keep him employed during a certain period. There is also a modality for people be able to work in Australia to enhance commercial contacts, participate in fairs and events, and other situations such for doctors and nurses to work in Australia. Any way, there are many ways and visas. Of course each working visa has its rules and limitations, but if you follow the requirements and papers you will get it. But please, do not work illegally in Australia, because the fines and penalties are severe, and I feel very disrespected and invaded, do you understand?!

5) Mrs Koala,  is it truth Australia needs qualified workers, and it is recruiting people overseas? 

R.: Zzzzzz, Ops! Excuse me, I was snoozing... But answering your question: it is and it is not. Yes, Australia is lacking in many areas of  qualified people, but not in all. There are many professionals in demand at the moment such in the health areas. But pay attention, I've said qualified people, professionals with excellent work experience, and in some specific skills. Some qualified people with experience in areas in demand, can even apply for a Permanent Residence, and if approved, they could be working and living in Australia permenently. 

6) Oi Mrs, wake up, please! 
R.: Sorry, but all this talk about work is very tiring and I felt sleepy. But you may ask another question.
7) Mrs Koala, I've heard that professionals to work in some jobs in Australia they need to be recognized by the professional class, union and have special licences, besides the visa. Is it truth?

R.: In some cases Yes, but not for all professionals. For example professionals related to the IT industry they can get recognition just applying to the IT organization of the industry showing the experience, but for other skills such as doctors and dentist they will need to do extra courses  and testes. Other examples are plumbers and auto mechanic that they cannot work without extra council licences and union registration. Zzz....

8) Mrs KOALA, PLEASE !!! Only 2 more questions! I would like to know how long a qualified person will take to get a job? and a non qualified? 

R.: Do not shout please! Well, the time for a person get a job with course done in their qualification is about 3 months, of course speaking a good English, and if the person is proactive looking for a job, sending at least 5 CVs per week. To students not qualified and for casual work, they may get work in one week others may take longer. If the person is like me, very lazy, it will take forever. The time will depends on how much persistence, experience, English level, opportunities, knowing people, the kind of work, be lucky etc. The best is to have extra money and a credit card to support you while not working. Of course do not give up with any "No" you may receive. Zzzzzzz!

Unfortunate we could not wake up any more Mrs Koala. Our last question is about the CV, and how to make a Curriculum Vitae in the Australian Way. If you are interested, there is a complete kit for a very reasonable price from Roger's Résumé. It has many tips, examples, and explanations, models and all necessary to assemble your own CV .

Those workers became statues after a very hard working day in Australia
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