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How much  
they pay in 

   Note: the wages indicated here serve only as a guide, since in Australia there is a national minimum wage and there is a minimum for each type of work (award). A worker could receive different payment according to the traditional law of supply and demand and may be different than shown in the table.

  The working wages in Australia is more than in New Zealand and less than in England, but on the other hand, the cost of living is cheaper in Australia than all the other countries mentioned above. Actually what the Australian put in his pocket, is pretty good in terms of wages X quality of life, but when it converts into Euros the value shrinks a little but of course money is always welcome whatever the nationality. 

If you are thinking to work in Australia, you should know that everything is based on Payment per hour, payment per week and pay per Year. For some reason they do not like per month, and when you see the advertising jobs in newspapers, normally the salary is annual. Sometimes advertised salaries are per hour, and many companies like to confuse the competition (and also the worker), saying simply that the salary is above the Minimum Wage or the Award that is determined by the Fair Trading and they cannot be paid less than that. 

The official minimum wage in Australia is $ 16.37 per hour or $ 622.20 per week (2013). This gives a sum of $ 32 354 gross per year, based on full-time jobs with 40 hours a week. But for example a worker in a Fast food the minimum is $ 17.98 and the Cook starts at $ 21.60 and may go to other level for Chef up to $ 26.70 and a Head Chef to $ 28 per hour (depends if you have the knives if you work overtime etc).

Note; Juniors workers and in training are not covered by the rules of the national minimum wage and each has its own level (juniors, apprenticees and trainees).

  See in the picture below the wages to work in Australia, the values are approximate and average for each professional area, being the maximum value is not indicated here because it varies depending on the professional experience that person has.

professional areas

minimum A$ average A$
Mining, Resources & Energy 63.000  143.000
Consulting & Strategy 55.000  130.000 
Engineering 53.000  112.000 
Construction 42.000  107.000 
IT & Communication Technology 45.000  104.000 
Legal 51.000  94.000 
Healthcare & Medical 44.000  96.000 
Marketing & PR 47.000  91.000 
Banking & Financial  46.000  86.000 
Sales 37.000  82.000 
Human Resources & Recruitment


Accounting 48.000  83.000 
Insurance & Superannuation 41.000  81.000 
Science & Technology 43.000  89.000 
Advertising, Arts & Media 37.000  81.000 
Education & Training 42.000  66.000 
Manufact., Transport & Logistics 40.000  75.000 
Design & Architecture 42.000  107.000 
Real Estate & Property 36.000  75.000 
Community & Sport 33.000  67.000 
Trades & Services 25.000  62.000 
Retail & Consumer Products 38.000  61.000 
Hospitality & Tourism 30.000  55.000 
Call Centre & Customer Service 36.000  55.000 
Administration & Office Support 30.000  54.000 

  How to calculate your wages- Assuming the tireless worker doing 8 hours per day from Monday to Friday, for a total of 40 hours per week, and as the year has 52 weeks, a person receiving $ 20 an hour, will receive per week $ 800 and per year to $ 41,600 (20 x 40 = 800 a week and 800 x 52 = 41,600 per annum).

If you would  like to look for jobs on the internet, just go to the page  jobs online which has many links to Australian employment agencies. More information about taxes go to taxation in  Australia page.

Darling, see what's left of our wages after the  taxes!
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