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AU Pair in 
New Zealand

   AU PAIR is a French word which designate partnership or work together with someone else. In our specific case, it means exchange some benefits as free meals and a room to sleep, against work to be done in a home. This is what many Au Pair agencies are offering in New Zealand. In other words, the person will exchange free accommodation and free meals for doing domestic tasks such as cleaning, cooking, gardening, taking care of children, shopping, or any necessary domestic task that must be done regularly. Around the world Au Pair is well known for many years but in New Zealand is something quite new, so new that there is not a government program to address the situation and all overseas interested person will have to enter New Zealand under a Student Visa or a Working Holiday Visa.

An AU PAIR  agency in New Zealand works by connecting the family in need with the interested person, in a way that both parties become satisfied one with another. The Au Pair family and Au Pair guest will live together for some months like a new family, so it becomes essential a good understanding and acceptance by both sides. The Au Pair Agency will take care of all the process in a way that every detail of the arrangement is explained and agreed prior the beginning of the contract. Things like what kind of tasks must be done, when, how many hours per day, days off, etc... The time worked, varies from agency to agency and from contract to contract. Usually the base is 4 working hours per day with the week ends free for other activities. Sometimes the Au Pair host can be requested to work longer hours in a day or during a special occasion, but these situations are pre-combined between the parties. During free times, the Au Pair guests can even work in another job, depending of the visa issued. Students and people under student visa, will have the course time taken in consideration, so the domestic activity does not interfere with his/her studies. 

The minimum age to be an Au pair guest is 18 year old and it is not necessary to have previous working experience or qualifications. The duration of the program is limited by the duration of the visa and usually there is a minimum period of 3 months required by agencies for the Au Pair guest stay with the family. There are many advantages in the program, as the Aus Pair guest will save a good amount of money on accommodation and food, besides the fact the person will develop or train their English language quicker due the daily contact with an New Zealand family. To New Zealand families the Au Pair is of a great help in the day-by-day due commitments to a busy Kiwi life. For both, the AU Pair relation is a great and economic option.

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