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 Hostels in
New Zealand

   Backpackers Hostels in New Zealand receives travellers from all parts of the world. They are the cheapest form of accommodation after camping ground, and are very popular as most that travel, travel counting their cents. There are people from all ages and backgrounds staying in backpackers making it a very multicultural place. Backpackers Hostels can also be excellent for international students who don't want a home stay, or to stay for a short period of time until finding a house or apartment to share with someone else.

Normally Backpackers Hostels will have the option of different rooms with different number of beds, which they charge accordingly  (less beds – more money). Shared rooms usually can consists of between 4 to 16 beds in a single room, with many being bunk beds. Many backpackers have bathrooms inside the room, which is great, but some have showers and toilets that are located in the corridor for collective use.  Most Backpacker Hostels have the option of single sex rooms and also mixed sex rooms. Usually everyone respects each other, and the backpackers have some noise restriction rules, especially after 10 pm. But that still doesn’t sop the odd person waking you up at 6 am, zipping their packs and scrunching their plastic bags, while you just lie on your bed thinking ”why didn’t that person pack last night??” In case you don't get along very well with your room's mates, you can ask to change rooms if available

  In some establishments you don't have to pay extra for linen, but in others, a small fee is charged. Lockers are normally offered and its advised that you do use them, as you will probably be sharing the room with unknown people from all over the globe, so remember to always carry a padlock. It is just a matter of caution. Some backpackers also offer  private double rooms or individual room, but in these cases the prices are also higher.

Most of them have a community kitchen where you can prepare your culinary successes or create that disaster that nobody but you will touch. They usually provide pots and pans, and kitchen utensils, but be aware that you may be fighting for space on the stove or equipment to prepare your food on those peak kitchen times eg. The 7oclock dinner rush. To keep you food nice and fresh you can put in the kitchen fridge, but make sure to label your stuff, otherwise it may be eaten or drunk by other backpackers, or simply thrown away by the staff. Hostels also provide a social area and sometimes a bar for some fun nights in.

On the local Hostel notice board or in the reception you will find thousand of flyers about different tourist attractions, tours, activities, and cheap restaurants and Bars/ nightclubs free entry cards. Sometimes tours such as bicycle tours or city walk tour  or other activities like a reggae nights are organised by the hostels.

As you see, every backpacker hostel is different, and each will offer different facilities and services, so its best to study each one up (by calling and asking or using the internet) before making any bookings so you can choose the best that suits you

For a bed in a hostel you can probably expect to pay between NZ$ 18 up to NZ$ 28 per night, but it will depend on the type (how many beds in the room) and the city. In Auckland the averages around NZ$ 22 per night. You may get a discount depending on how many nights you intend to pay, but you will need to ask. Bookings are normally done with a credit card, but you will only be charged after you have done the check in. In busy times they may require a deposit.

Something to consider: Backpackers can be a very economical form of accommodation when travelling on your own or in 2 or 3. When travelling with more than 3 people you may want to consider staying at a motel, as you may find it to be cheaper and more comfortable. 

For more information and online reservations, please see our sponsor page, by clicking on the Backpacker's Guide below 

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