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Bed and
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A Bed and Breakfast is as the name suggest a type of accommodation that offers a bed and breakfast. Usually B&Bs are a house that has been transformed to accommodate guests, They offer you an ensuite room, with towels and bed linen, just as you would find at a hotel, In the morning you will be treated to a delicious breakfast to start your wonderful day.

The unique thing about B&Bs is the privacy and seclusion you feel while staying there, where often you will be the only guest in the house. There are many types of Bed & Breakfast, from there more simple ones, to the very luxurious where you sleep in a room fit for the queen and king. Some offer  a simpler breakfast and others will serve and breakfast like you never seen before, offering almost anything imaginable, either way you will start your day on a very good note. Some also provide a lunch or dinner, but that is not normally included in the price.

A lot of Bed and Breakfast are hosted by elderly couples, with children have grown up and moved out of home, and which now have left some empty rooms in the house. They then renovate and modify the house, so that they can accommodate guests. They like to have the extra company and the opportunity to meet new people, apart from the little extra money to complement their retirement. Some hosts can be very friendly and talkative, and interested in getting to know you, and giving tips and telling stories about the area. where others you might not see until breakfast in the morning, and even then for a very short time. This is not because they are not friendly or do not like to talk, but simply feel that you want absolute privacy. 

Prices start from around NZ$80 per night, for more simpler one. For the more luxurious ones you can expect to pay NZ$120 or more, depending on the level of luxury and the location. Some B&Bs are set in the most beautiful locations such as deep in the mountain, or by a lake, with beautiful gardens and amazing landscape.  You can book a room in a Bed & Breakfast in any tourist information centre in New Zealand.

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