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F.A.Q. about
in New Zealand

  To answer the frequent asked questions about accommodation in New Zealand, we had to call the biggest specialist in the subject, the professor Tautara (photo above). The Tautara professor is one of the few survivors of the time of the dinosaus, and it was almost extinct. After having inhabited millions of burrows, holes, and all the types of natural places you can imagine, the specie is protected today. This creature exists only in New Zealand. The only condition for the interview, was that it has to be made under the sun or on a warm rock, where Tautaras feels more comfortable during the Winter.

1) Professor Tautara, can you tell us wich is the cheapest accommodation in New Zealand?
A..:As a dinosaur descendent, I can tell you I like my place in the nature very much, but for a tourist, I think is a Camping or Caravan Park with prices starting at about NZ$ 12 per person.
2) And after the Caravan Park professor, which is the second cheapest?
A.: I would say a Backpacker Hostel is the second in my list. They are very good in terms of confort with a price range between NZ$ 18 up to NZ$ 60, depending about the type of the room and the city.
3) What about Motels, Motor Inns, and similar Professor ? 
A.: TThey are about the same thing. The bigger difference between a Motel and a Hotel is that the motels and Motor Inns have a complete kitchen inside your room, so you can cook your own meal and save money. The price goes from about NZ$ 70 up to NZ$ 150, for a couple. Price also varies according the town and the season of the year (Peak, Off Peak, Shoulder).
4) Proffessor Tautara, what do you think about Hotels in New Zealand? 
A.: They are good. Even hotels that looks tired such as old construction in traditional New Zealand cities and towns are in reality very good. The rooms are nice and clean, and everything in the room usually work very well such as taps, shower, etc...  There are also very modern Hotels in the bigger cities, as in any city in the world. Prices vary according not only to the location and status of the room, but also by the season. Prices start from around NZ$ 60 per couple and goes up as far as your credit card can afford.
5) If I travel without pre-booked accommodation, Is it easy to find accommodation along the way? 
A : Normally yes, but during certain times of the year and at certain cities such as Queenstown during the Ski Festival, finding exactly of you need can be difficult some times. I strongly recommend a call by phone to the establishment, one-day prior your arrival to make sure there are vacancies.
6) Professor Tautara, where can I book my accommodation in New Zealand? 
A.: To reserve your accommodation is something very easy nowadays. You can do on the Internet just by searching many websites that do this type of service, or online directly with the establishment. But if you are already in New Zealand, you can book any accommodation at the Tourist Information Kiosks, found in every city or town of New Zealand. Even if you are in a Motel, Hotel, Backpacker Hostel, or any other type of accommodation, usually the reception will be happy to book the next accommodation for you.
7) Is There any other type of accommodation in New Zealand, professor Tautara?
A.: Certainly yes. There are Farm stay, Bed and Breakfast, and Cabins in Caravan Parks or similar. The Cabins for example are very cosy and well maintained. Some have a good degree of luxury and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. The location is also very good, with price around NZ$ 100 for a couple per night. The Tourist Information Centres know about them very well.
8) Is it too difficult to get transportation to the accommodation, professor?
A.: It is a "Piece of Cake" or "As good as Gold" in the local sleng. If you arrive in Auckland, Wellington, or Christchurch, There will be Shuttle services that will take to your accommodation for a very reasonable price. (ask at the airport tourist information kiosk). But if you are travelling New Zealand by bus or tour, they usually drop you off and pick you up at the accommodation or nearby where you are stayng. (Just ring the company and ask). Off course there are taxis in any town doesn't matter the size.
9) What about rent a place for a short stay in only one city?
A.: Yes, if you want to stay in only one city for few weeks you can go to a Real Estate Agency and look for a short Term, house or apartment in the area. Also you can look for "Time Share" places that accept guests starting with one-week stay. Usually these places are furnished. Again prices will vary depending upon how many rooms, location, etc... Some of these places ask for a "Bond" which will be given back at the end of the stay if no damage was done to the place.
10) What you reckon about accommodation in New Zealand professor Tautara?
A.:I think this great country of ours has everything a tourist can dream of in terms of accommodation. We have high standards of accommodation everywhere in the country, and besides that the hospitality people are very friendly and helpful with tourists from any nation. You will be able to chose according with your budget, nice places to stay no matter which city or town. Also, because our country is very safe, there are not many things to worry about. Just take the normal safety measures you do in your own country and everything will be fine.
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