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  Staying in a Farm in New Zealand is increasingly becoming more popular with people from around the world, especially with Europeans and Americans. The thing that attracts people to Farms in New Zealand is that the technology used is some of the best, and so it allows people who are interested in farm operations to learn many new things. It also attracts people because itís a unique experience. It offers a country life, tranquillity, contact with farmers, and fresh produce from the farm it self, to give that special taste.

The growth of farm stay has been so large that now they even offer you the option of what type of farm you like to stay. For example you can choose agriculture, livestock such as cows, sheep, fruit farms and so on. Many farms in New Zealand today have turned themselves into serious companies, taking care all operations involved from production to the delivery. For example in the region of Waikato, pig farms do not only breed and raise pigs, they also slaughter, pack, refrigerate, and are also involved with all the processes of export e distribution. People with knowledge of these types of operations are being offered very attractive salaries. This technology and logistics, makes farmers and people interested in this area from around the world, to stay in many different farms on their visit to NZ, to learn exactly what and how they are doing things differently.

There is also the recreation side of staying on a farm. People that have grown up in big cities and are tired of all the rat race, pollution, noise, and stressful lifestyle, get the chance to relax in the countryside, and get closer to nature. If you like to get your hands dirty, many of farms allow you to help out on the many jobs around the farm, while other will even provide you with free food and accommodation in exchange for you hard work. Some farms have turn themselves into something like an amusement park, where they will hire quad bikes, horses, bikes, and boats,

A night at a farm on average costs around NZ$80 for a double, but it will depend on the type, and the extend of the facilities offered. Some farms offer short courses where you will get a to observe and will get explanations in the specific processes of production.

Accommodation in a Farm in New Zealand is a great alternative form of accommodation. Apart from being in direct contact with nature, many farms are set in the most beautiful landscapes that will take your breath away, and the smell and the taste of that fresh lamb chops cooked on the fire, and delicious vegetables picked fresh from the farm will surely not disappoint. You can obtain information and make reservation for farm stays by simply visiting the local tourist information office located throughout New Zealand.

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