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Motels in New Zealand are definitely one of the best options for accommodation. The rooms are very clean, equipped, and the motels are normally well located, and best of all are very affordable. They accommodate whole families, travellers, business representative, one nitghers, and also guest looking to stay for longer periods e.g. immigrants. In general married couples operate motels, and in some of them you are able to negotiate the price. (The motel pictured above in Rotorua, agreed to reduce the price by nz$15 per day staying for 4 days).

One of the big differences between a motel and a hotel in New Zealand is the physical space of the rooms. Motel rooms normally are the size of an apartment, and have a fully equipped kitchen, with fridge and stove, kitchen utensils, plates etc.. and the bathroom is also of good size too. Some also have cable TV. Most motels offer single person rooms, which are like a studio apartment, and 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, which can accommodate up to 8 people.

Motel prices are per room and not per person, and for that reason couples, families and travelling groups can save a lot of money. You also save money on food, as there is a fully equipped kitchen, you can buy things from the supermarket and cook back at the motel. For example, numerous times while travelling in NZ we stayed in motels because of the comfort and also because we have a kitchen to prepare sandwiches and put drink to get cold to take on day trips, economizing on buying those expensive unhealthy things on the streets. We could also prepare breakfast and dinner and safe a fortune.

Motel rooms start from NZ$ 65 and get reach up to NZ$ 120 depending on the facilities (egg pool, sauna etc.). Motels don’t offer any meal services, but do offer in the room a small milk, tea and coffee, and a bunch of leaflets of delivery services. They tidy the room and change the towels everyday, sometimes only when you leave the room. There are no porters to take you luggage and no room service (but there is a phone in the room). You can park your car on the front or the side of your room.

Hotels on the other hand are the same as you would find in any part of the world, ranging from 3 stars to 5 stars, and price which reflect the luxury accordingly. We recently stayed in a hotel in Auckland that cost nz$90 per night. It was one of the cheapest ones found in the centre of the city. The rooms were ok, although very small, and the bathroom, well you can imagine…Breakfast was not included and there was no kitchen to make anything. There was an electric kettle and some coffee and tea bags. Some of these cheaper hotels will accommodate student and guest staying longer periods for a cheaper price.

Tourist information services are free and can make the bookings and reservation for motels and hotels. You will find them in the airports and throughout the many towns in NZ. They also provide leaflets and brochures so that you can make the reservation your self. Another easy option is just to search through the Internet. Most websites will do online booking with a credit card.

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